Monthly Archives: February 2016

OSHNET-10 conducts First Aid training

imageOccupational Safety and Health Network (OSHNet) – 10, Inc. has recently conducted training for nurses, safety officers and construction personnel. The training was a learning session on “First Aid in the workplace”; it was held on February 3, 2016 at Polymedic Medical Plaza.

Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation took part in the said training by sending their company nurse and safety officers to attend in the activity. Topics such as Roles and Responsibilities of the First Aid Provider, Medical Emergencies, Injury Emergencies, Head, Neck and Spine Injury, Burns and Electrical Injuries were discussed. The attendees were also taught different first aid treatments for stroke and abovementioned injuries. Skills such as proper removal of contaminated gloves were taught as well. Thanks to the speaker – Mr. Jarolito I. Ruiz, Assistant Director of Nursing – Training and Development of Bellevue Hospital Center, New York, USA; for imparting his knowledge and skills.

imageThe attendees actively participated in the three hour training; all were willing to learn and know the different first aid treatments, skills and procedures. There were segments prepared for the different first aid procedures where the participants are free to perform a return demonstration of the procedures learned. Thanks to the staff nurses of Polymedic Medical Plaza for patiently demonstrating the first aid procedures.

This training is a vital learning to all the participants; their knowledge and skills will not only be limited to their workplace but also can be used in their households or in any place. Such any accidents will occur, immediate first aid treatment can intervene further cause of the problem or even death.

Looking forward for more meaningful trainings and seminars of OSHNET-10! Cheers to the successful activity!

HPCC ventures in school projects

hpcc-school-building-project-2016Stepping up and making the move, Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation ventures in not only one but two school projects for this year. The company has indeed widened its horizon to projects ranging from residential to commercial and school building.

These school projects are located at Misamis Oriental; which both projects having a two-storey and four classroom building. Last 29th of January, groundbreaking and lot dedication service was held at one of the school projects located at Villanueva. On the next day, January 30th, the second project at Tagoloan also conducted its groundbreaking and lot dedication service.

Of these two projects, the project at Tagoloan was the first to start its full swing construction; it has started last February 1. With the technology that the company will be using for this hpcc-school-project-2016certain project, its estimated project completion will be around April 2016. It has been planned that the Villanueva project will start its construction after the completion of project Tagoloan.

It sure is an exciting start of the year because of HPCC’s line up projects. The company has indeed stepped up to greater possibilities. And this is all to the glory of God; for with Him nothing is impossible.

Updates and developments of these projects will be posted soon. Kudos!