“Pamalandong 2012”: A Holy Week Activity of HomeChoice Planners

Lenten Season. It’s the time where in we take time to reflect upon our sins. The season that we think back of the things that Jesus Christ has sacrificed for our salvation. During this week also, we witness the different things that people do to repay all the sacrifices that the son of our God has done.

Tradition it is, every Holy Week we can see some people doing sacrifices also; walking with their knees and praying at the same time, doing the way of the cross and the renowned crucifixion. Each and every one of us has varied ways in showing their repentance and reflection.

And we at HomeChoice Planners conducted a program last April 4, 2012 as our holy week activity. The program was held at the ‘bodega’ and it was attended by the construction workers and office staffs of our company. We invited the CDO First Assembly of God Church to minister the program. We were honored to have Ptr. Elpie Taboclaon, the senior pastor of CDO FAOG, who shared to us the word of God. Ptr. Walter Richie and Ptr. Lloyd Yana were present also. It was a short program but we’re satiated; in a sense that we were filled with so much learning about the word of the Lord.

Ptr. Elpie discussed to us about so many things, but one thing that hit me and would like to share was this message:

“It is finished!” John 19:30 – The seventh and last word of Jesus Christ before His death. It tells us that all of our sins have already been paid. The son of God sacrificed His self carrying all the burdens of this world and died on that cross. Jesus Christ did all of these because of His unconditional love for us.

We need not have to sacrifice and hurt ourselves in order to pay back what Jesus Christ did for us. The message clearly said that everything’s done and finished. Jesus Christ announces here that all of our sins are taken away. All our guilt that should have been imputed to us but was imputed to Him was taken care of. Jesus Christ announced so that all could hear that our salvation is won and our sins are forgiven.

In return for His unconditional love, the righteous thing that we have to do is to love Him back. Worship Him and acknowledge His presence every day of our lives. Be reminded that He is the only risen King. The Lord Jesus Christ is a complete Savior. He is a sovereign Savior. We should remain and be faithful to Him and His words.

And so, we should be thankful and grateful to all the things he has done to our lives. How lucky we are to be the children of God, we are graced with so many blessings. As for our company, we too are thankful for all the great things that He has bestowed upon us. The Lord Almighty being our foundation and partner in the business is what makes us successful.