Homechoice Planners’s Thanks Giving Celebration

To be part of Homechoice Planners is a blessing. It is our pleasure in the office to make all of the staffs and construction workers to feel the essence of real happiness in working in a solidify team and office. This is just one of the vision and mission in Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation, which is to make every personality in the office to feel belong and always be belong in this corporation.

As part of the celebrations done last year, the office had once again made all of the construction workers more enthusiastic and that together to do their jobs well done and clean. The office had conducted a celebration for them to be happy and to feel that they are important to make every project be done very well.

The celebration was participated by group of people from the church and the office team of Homechoice Planners. That was a good and memorable celebration for each of our construction workers, as they individually brought each sack of rice and groceries.

From us in the office; thank you for all of the construction workers and the masons, who managed to be a good and be part in our team. We are happy that you have the same vision with us, which is to have a good service to all of our clients, in making their dream house/s to come true!


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