Kid’s Christmas Party

Christmas is the time our Savior Jesus Christ was born. We celebrate Christmas Day because we want to acknowledge Jesus’ natal day. And as what we always do to someone’s birthday; we celebrate and conduct a party. Because it is the birthday of Jesus Christ, we are celebrating it in a special way.

In line with Jesus Christ’s birthday, HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation decided to conduct a Christmas Party for the kids. It is not only a party for the kids but also of their mothers. The attendees are wives and children of the workers. The said party was a whole day event that was held last December 28, 2012 at Hillsborough Pointe Clubhouse.

It was a fun filled party as we have invited guests that would entertain the children and the mothers. hcp-kids-partyThe kids really enjoyed with the games that the party organizers have prepared. They were amazed by the tricks that the magician has shown to them and was also surprised by the appearance of tinker bell and optimus prime mascots. The children and even the mothers excitedly shot a pose together with the mascots. They even took a video of the mascots dancing.

The party conducted was a success. The mothers and their kids had a really great time. And they all went home with smiles plastered on their faces. HomeChoice Planners couldn’t be gladder with the outcome of the event. The company is grateful for all the boons that God has given and in return we give back to the other people. Cheers to that!


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