Golf Estate’s Project 1 Update

“A big mansion is being built in this big location green and relaxation.”

For all of our projects here in uptown areas, this one is the biggest and lots of things to do for 6 months long. It is time to level up our performance, service and the project numbers as well! Thus we have this one now in this green area and full of relaxation. This one started early this month. As of its update, it has the following lined-up:

Pouring of Roof beam in 100%
Soil back filling at ground floor slab
Filling of CHB in 65%
Removing of scaffolding and forms

For this week we have these works to be accomplished:

Filling of CHB 85%
Removing of scaffolding and forms
Continuation of CHB filling
Pouring of ground floor slab
Removing of forms an scaffoldings
Filling of ground slab
And electrical works

We will be having this project soon to be physically viewed with its complete structural phase. We are looking forward for the great improvements for this one before this month ends. This project is really challenging and that good to ears of having this one done. elegantly stand up and beautifully presented in the future. This will like be a master piece unit for us to count of and for all of you as well, to check out soon.

From us in Homechoic Planners & Construction Corporation, we are happy and proud to have this project as one of our accomplishments to be. We are looking forward for the success of this project and for the complete house amenities with its interior concern to be addressed piece by piece. To the owner of this project, we would like to extend our thanks to them for letting us, as part of your mansion-like house to be in this area where coldness of green and relaxing environment are in place!


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