Mr. Joseph Buerano’s House

“Whatever reason we could have for all things we are doing, there are always a prevailing truth with its great cause!”

This two-storey house project we have in Golden Glow Village is now on its great development. As we have the below list for its works updates from the hard working masons, construction workers and the field engineers we have. And of course, the office staffs we have who made all of our projects be done as our set standards and vision. As for your information, we have the following developments:

Completed structure
Concreted 2nd flooring
To be done wall concreting
Partitioned ground floor and 2nd floor with its interior specifications
Plastered and to be done corners for molding
Smoothened walling and tiles topping for flooring
Done stairs
Electric post ready
Hallow blocks filling for the 2nd floor areas and done septic volt tank
And ready water lines
Soon to be started is the roofing with its revised attic design

This project is now on its blast to be on its full development with its construction. As our many construction workers are now assign in this project to be done as scheduled. This will be accordingly finished and that presentable as well, like those our other projects. As of now, we are in the midst of this project’s expected beau to be. This two-storey house is soon to be turn-over to the owner, Mr. Joseph Buerano following the dealt contract with us and the things that are being. We are still on the go of making this one to be one of our master pieces here in Uptown Areas in Pueblo de Oro. Thus we are hoping that things will be okay upon having the on-going finishing touches and works for this one to be followed as planned and that to be a grand piece in our architectural works, which is really a great cause for our great performance and perseverance in the world of construction.


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