Mr. & Mrs. Abada’s House and Lot Construction Package

For 6 months of building this project in Vista Verde Village, Pueblo area, we are now on its finishing touches for this unit. It is now with its complete amenities, fixtures, interior and exterior embellishing, and as a whole, almost done house construction.

This is soon to be turned-over, well-fenced, painted with its exterior, tiled flooring, accented bath rooms, landscaped lawn, installed glass windows and sliding doors, complete built-in cabinets in all designated areas, good mixture of painting in its interior, well-cleaned and ready kitchen with its slabs, side tiles, accented colors on its first floor, installed pin lights and organized entertainment area, as a whole a green concept kitchen. For its 2nd floor is the yellow color concept, with the wood tiled flooring, and the nice 2 terraces viewing the newly- built Corpus Christi School, and of course the bed rooms that are made elegantly accordingly with the touch of green, blue and brown colors each room. The next level is its attic, which shows the promising maximization of the house perspective and concept and lot size. This project is now ready for turning-over to the owner with all of the elegance and the perfect final touch by our workers who laid their best and energy to make things be done accordingly.

In behalf of the Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation office team and the construction team, we would like to welcome the Abada’s family to their newly-built house for the entire kin! Thank you for the time and for giving us the chance to share with you and your family the skills, service and the master piece we have to make your dream house to come true!


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