Mr. & Mrs. Buerano’s House & Lot Construction Motion

“The great fundamentals of the house are its great pillars made of prayed concretes and built-in graces from above, before and while having the construction is started.”

For every project we have, we make sure that what we are starting is good to be called as the house of grace and soon to be a HOME for every family members of our client/s. As par with this another project we have in Golden Glow Village, we are on the full courage to have this Mr. & Mrs. Buerano’s house project to be done in-line with their ideas and of course, with God’s ways.

As part of its construction motion, we have these on the site:

Ready structure for the roofing to be
Completed concreting of its structure
A soon to be completed stairs from the ground floor to its second floor
Concreted terrace area on its second floor
And appraised percentage of its construction development by the bank

These are just the development of this unit as of the first week of this month. But this will be on its fast enhancement any days from now. We will be having this unit to be done as planned and to be constructed as what mainly the Holy Ghost wants it to be. It is really true that with the great fundamentals it has, that are inline with Him, this house is will be done with magnificent structure and graces to be for the entire family of Bueranos!


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