Mr. & Mrs. Consolacion’s House & Lot Construction-2 months!

After two months of having this project in Golden Glow Village, this unit is now moving to its good construction. Undeniably, we encountered lots of trials with this projects, but thanks goodness because this is still going good. It is still moving-on and that dynamically with its full and fast work with the construction workers on field!

As its update as of September 14,2011, it has now installed traces, ready electric slots, partitioned areas for three bed rooms, allocated bathrooms for both master’s and two bed rooms toilet & baths, concrete structure and ready ceiling area for the roofing. Today is would be the schedule for that, actually. We are targeting to have this done on the 5Th of October, with all of the fixtures, paints and beautification both for the interior and exterior phases.

We are having this on a rush and keep on having over time among the workers to make this one done according to date. As planned, this will be blessed next month, when the owner is will be here soon! Just yesterday, we already chose tiles for its flooring in the receiving, bathrooms walling and floorings, kitchen side tile, counter top slabs, and for the its pin lights. For the chandeliers and door knobs, those are already ready from the hosts, of course all the way from Qatar!

From all of us in Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation, we would like to thank you the Mr. Elrie Consolacion and Mrs. Sheila L. Consolacion for making us your choice and for letting us to keep on going with this project along with your family and every personages we have on field!


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