Mr. & Mrs. Cotanda’s House Construction Project

Last September 08,2010, the office had the  concrete pouring on the construction house project owned by Cotanda. This has been attended by the office head, masons and the laborers themselves. This was featured to prove that the projects we have are developing, and we are taking into accounts all of the steps going on. The house was started last September 04, and now still going on. It is located in Golden Glow Village and owned by Mr. & Mrs. Cotanda, and a two-storey house construction project.

The done pouring was for the concrete, foundation,excavation and lay outing. The targeted construction period for this is up to 5-6 months, like those other two-storey house projects. This will be done sooner as the owner expected. The house and lot is measured with its lot area of 120 and floor area of 130.The lot size is vividly not as big area, but the office is only maximized the area to make the two-storey house be possibly build. This is how we work, we design, and construct the house with its possible maximization of the availability of the land area.Even how small your land size is, let us maximize it and work for it for your comfort and shelter!


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