Mr. & Mrs. Lao’s House Construction Project

“Completion is more likely be achieved amidst waves or trials with dominion of God’s well and accordance.”

Things around will not be okay or to be done accordingly without the perseverance and the total dedication needed to make the thing completed. There might be lots or numbers of barriers or waves that would come along the way when working for it to be worked out, but still, it will depend on how we weigh those things out to make it completed in the way we like it to be. In the company, we usually challenge with the thing that we have in every day, especially those with our projects on field. But what counts most, is the WAY of how to make those completed and be on its targeted desires by the clients to be addressed according to their budget, the time, and the service of ours, which we have even until the finishing per project we have.

Having the full blast of our people in the construction firm, our staffs, plus the enduring support of the church people who make our project done accordingly done on time, our Mr. Lao & Mrs. Lao’s house project is now come to its completion. As its update as of November 05, 2011, it has the following development which almost done state:

Completed house structure and built up with its interior and exterior

Roofed and painted exterior

Tiled terrace and garage

Tiled flooring for both on the ground and second floors

Partitioned ground floor and its second floor with bed rooms, toilet and baths, kitchen and family areas

Painted interior with its bedrooms (color coding) and accented tiled toilet and baths walling

Polished flooring in all areas of the structure with its well-presented hoIf it isuse living and entrance area of the house

Installed windows, railings, well blended concept on its interior with its colors and installed air condition and chandeliers

Ready fence for its more presentable phase to be and for the ground landscaping to be at its best left area

Installed water and electric for the house

So far, this project went well and we are happy that, at last, this one completed with the conceptualized and targeted time for this project to be done. We are thankful that all things around, upon having this project on construction were going well and that we can finally turn over this as soon as possible. Let me invite you all to update with its turn-over moment soon!


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