Mr. & Mrs. Lao’s House Construction Project

“Making the big thing from the small thing around is an enticing way to do.”

There are people who could just say that a lot of things around are not needed or just useless. But there are others as well, who would, in a way, make even the simple thing they have to its full blast of enhancements and improvement in life, as a whole. The latter are the people who value the life a lot and everything around.

What is it in pertinence with our project in Morning Mist Village? It is the thought of making use of the thing around by Mr. & Mrs. Lao’s with their assets and liabilities, just to make their inactive lot to turn to very active property would be in the near future. For those people who are at the pick side with their financial status, this will be nothing, but evaluating it perfectly- it’s really a great and big thing to be!

We have at last, the following improvements update for this project we have:

Colored roofing
Completed and concreted house structure
Completed and structurally designed ceiling
Concreted and tiled floorings for both 1st and 2nd floors
Concreted Partitioned bed rooms and toilet & baths
Tiled bed rooms and toilet & baths with there accents
Concreted terrace and already tiled
Done steel bar stairs and its tiled steps
Installed window steel frames all around
Terrace steel bars attached
Water and electric slots are attached are ready

This is really a big house for the family, which they said to be turned to a commercialize type of a house to be. They want this to be an income-producing property to make it more valuable for their financial status and needs. This would really be an example of making a big thing from a little thing we have around us, or just simply utilizing the things we have to its pick use!

As for me, this is a great investment would be for the Lao’s family. This will surely help them to boost their financial stability and, of course, to make their family members to be ever supportive with the thought of making this one done as, this unit be realized with its total beau and elegance. With the help of our workers in the site, with their diverging skills in construction and for making their work that effective and in good quality, we still can help numbers of families, not only to Lao’s family.

For all of you who are still having lot/s own their, why won’t try to visit us in our office for a free consultation and have those property you have to its best investment would be?!

It will be our pleasure to lay down our ideas and help you all in realizing the dream house you have for investment with us!


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