Mr. & Mrs. Lao’s House Construction

“Our profession is to solve, listen and to cater our clients’ needs-We are Problem Solvers.”

It has been our duty to serve our clients with all the ease we can and the most is to grant their entire house desires to gain. Thus, we are called the problem-solver of every transaction we have. As part of our expansion through our numbers of projects, we have this new update for this another construction project we have in Pueblo area.

This one is additional for our projects in the said area. We have this one for two months now and it is really that good in performance with its construction set up. This two months already of construction house building in Morning Mist, is now having its huge development since from the first month of the work. Now it is having the complete concrete structure, tiled first and second floorings, following the tiles colors by the owner, completed traces, and the complete ceilings and roofing with the designated color. It also has the complete electrical slots and the bath rooms. This will soon to be having the complete house amenities.

See you on our next update on the first week of the month!


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