Mr. & Mrs. Malack’s House Construction Project

Does Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation only focused in Pueblo areas for construction?

It is not! As part of the widening of our service have this new project in Richmond Hills. This is our first house construction project in this place for Mr. Alejo & Mrs. Bherley Hope Malack’s family for their dream house to be. This is a 2 storey house building as well, and would be finished within 6 months. This would be one of those on going construction buildings in Richmond Hills. This would compete with those elegance houses to be in the area. Of course, our office has its own motif and plans for the Malack family to have the expected elegant and high-defining house to live in. For the amenities of this house, this has 4 Bed rooms, 3 toilet & bath, and the basic sections of the house amenities.

This is will be a great and considerable house to be for the family. We believe that every family deserves a great living with a great venue and architectural designs for each member of the family. Thus, we make sure the goodness and the quality product we produce for all of you. We never upset ever family’s expectation and wants. We build a good living house, where rapport of each family members could surely be enjoyed!


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