Mr. & Mrs. Mcmann’s 2 months House and Lot Construction Update!

“With due patience of waiting, blessings really unveil!”

Statement above is really being observed of this Mcmann’s project we have which is also in Vista Verde Village, Pueblo. This project is known to be a two-storey as well, like Abada’s building in the same area. This will be a great building to be as well. Thus, when we first started this building, huge encumbrance of the area we met. But with the prayers and the ever-coordinated performance by our staff, this one succeeds to be started. We are happy with its improvement right now.

This is also almost two months of construction, it has now its concrete structuring, walling and flooring for both the first and the second floor, as well as its on-going construction for the completion of its total concreting, before having the interior partitioning for each bath rooms, bed rooms and the other house amenities. We will keep the updates posted and for all of you to be aware of, and also to make this project be known to each of our viewer, as this have a big meaning for us,too!


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