Mr. & Mrs. McMann’s House & Lot Construction Update

“A continues hard work for the success of the laid house structural ideas, will surely attains the success of the house building to be.”

It really is! With the hard work of our construction workers and the people who are contributing of those ideas to make the work well keep on going-on, with all of the easiness and the success in everyday will be a great fundamental to make the project progress to its best.

Jut like in our Mr. & Mrs. McMann’s house project, it is still going-on with its numbers of attaining progress in everyday. Our workers are that hard working enough to continue the project with its complete and details –as planned. They have now the following progress for this unit project:

almost done house structure
second concrete flooring
concreted walling for the first and second floors
going to be done preparation for the roofing
installed or attached electrical and water slots
concreted terrace area
ready stairs with concrete state

Those are the progress of this unit as of October 06, 2011. We will be posting lots of its improvements as soon as possible. We also meet once again Mr. McMann, who is a foreigner and a sea-base employee last week. And it is our pride to say that he is happy with the service we are rendering even this time of its early motion with the construction.

From all of us in HomeChoice Planners, we are pleased to utter the trust that you laid to us to all other people. We will be updating all of you with this unit as well with the dignity and the legacy we portray and live-in!


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