Mr. & Mrs. McMann’s House & Lot Update

As we already shared to all of our viewers and dream house enthusiasts, this is now our 3rd on-going project we have in Vista Verde Village, Pueblo. This is now on its unstoppable improvement and it is visibly on its enhanced construction level. To update the owner as well as all of you who are following our website, we are happy to view you the updated photos for its improvement as of its 2nd week of construction.

It has its 2nd floor concrete pouring with all of our construction team. I would say that, it is really a good sign for the good house to be built, having a well-organize team of construction and solidified people in one goal in accomplishing this project to be done accordingly.

We would like to invite you all for the up-coming and huge improvement for this project we have. For sure, it would be that presentable and well-cared by your Homechoice Planners!


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