Mr. & Mrs. Morre’s House & Lot Update

A new day for a new beginning for this new look of Mr. & Mrs. Morre’s house! On our last update, we showed you the development of this house construction project we have in Morning Mist Village, Pueblo. And now, we are glad to show you more and give you more colorful, more phases of good structural development of this house and lot construction package we have!

As of July 05, 2011, we have these update for this house project. It has now the complete paintings and the each room or area color/s, which the owner preferred with, the complete house design structure, and the complete embellishing of detail it needs. It has now the lights, water, complete and elegantly in- placed tiles, accented beau of each toilet and bath, as well as the ceilings- and the most catchy one, its Chandeliers!

The entire house now is that appealing and wonderfully made with its colorful accent of paints and its mixed architectural aura. Soon to be, the glasses are will be installed and it will be done with its landscape on the outside phase of the property.

We are proud to announced, with the owners’ expected date to move-in as well- Friday 08, 2011. With a bit of decorations and proper placement of  their things to be, the house we build, is will be a good and reputable HOME for the Morre family to be.

As we always utter, we build, not just a house, but a HOME for every one of you!

See you on the blessing day for this project!


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