Mr. & Mrs. Mosqueda’s House Construction Update

“Location is not the reason to reach the dream house to be; whatever it takes, it must be reached!”

All of us would say that most of our dreams will not be come true because of hindrances around us. Thus, there are many concluded that even our simplest dream in life is will not be achieved due of immeasurable distance or location. But for us in HomeChoice Planners, we make things as much as possible reachable for our client/s; especially in terms of their house concern.

In line with this text, this project we have in Opol, which is having a location which could be described secluded and a bit far from the city proper, is now on its pick of improvements. But what makes us decide to have this even until to its finishing to be? It is our legacy that must be left to our client/s mind upon having our service.

As its construction update as of October 11, 2011, we have the following improvements:

Built and concreted structuring
Completed roofing
Done ceiling
Partitioned interior for bed rooms, toilet & baths, receiving, kitchen, family area and terrace areas
Tiled flooring
Painted wall with its interior
Soon to be done built-in cabinets for the bed rooms, except the master’s
Ready electric slots connected ( for its wiring’s)
And its wide fence all around its lot area, which is soon to be done as well

Those are the improvements update for this unit project we have. This will be turned-over as well as what had been scheduled. With this project we could really say that even with its location, we still can cater services and we still can help, in a way, to our client/s in the way we know. We are hoping that all are will be okay while we are on the process of making this project to be finished with its fixtures and finishing touches soon to be.

From us in Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation, we would like to request from the family host for their support of prayers to make everything go smoothly and that elegantly be finished with full patience and time. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to make this one presented with its true beau as planned.


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