Mr. & Mrs. Ocer’s House Construction Project

“The house with the hope of grace is will be made through the hope of full satisfaction.”

The Kisanlu Iponan project we have is still going on with its every detail development. We are on the cue of its final touches or finishing soon. As its update recently, we have the following listed areas and work done:

Done plastering works
Completed corners works as well as the canopy
Partitioned areas for its interior amenities
Bedrooms floor tile toppings
Concreted carport
Ready septic tanks
High window works which is soon to be done

This is now on its 90% of its construction and which is to be turned-over soon. All of the major works with its interior are now done and those exterior touches are ready for the smoothening and those stone works filing as well. This will be done soon with its smoothening inside and those tiling with its toilet & baths, floorings and etc. A bit of cleaning with its surroundings and its full developed areas could really be seen.

We are happy with the run through of this unit, which is smooth sailing now and there are no heard problems so far since we started this project in Kisanlu area. There is really a hope of blessings and for full satisfaction for a well planned and well-worked out hope of this house structure. And we are happy with these developments that, in a way, this makes us feel at ease with the performance we have with these people on field. There is nothing compared feeling like the feeling of being reliable for everything we are doing with these in line projects we have in the firm.

For the incoming colorful, gayest views and mode of this house, we will let you all know in the near future!


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