Mr. & Mrs. Ocer’s House Construction Update

For weeks had past, this newly started project we have in Iponan, is now on its progress. It is a big success for the company to have this one being worked out for the mentioned family. This will be another achievement they have for life, when this project is will be done. And nothing compares of our blissfulness to make their dream house to come true in the near future.

And as part of the history of this house construction project, we have the following development for the entire building:

well-prepared foundation for the two-storey building
second floor concreted flooring and walling
on going house structuring for the both floors

They are still on the progress with the concreting of the entire structure. This is our second project in the said area. This will be a possibility for a great dream house is really at hand with our help. In HomeChoice Planners & Construction Corporation, we are fully dedicated and in the same thought of our clients to reach their dream house. We are willing to help you realized the ever longed ideas they have for their families!

For those interested, you can always contact us to help you with your own dreams, too!


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