Mr. & Mrs. Orbegoso’s House & Lot Construction Update

“A house structured by the rock of strength in the place where peace and serenity are acquired, is really that fulfilling.”

In decision making for the family of where to live in together with the growing family members is really a must to be done well. One of our clients, who pointed the very great area to invest, is this Orbegoso family.

They are now their on-going house construction at Vista Verde Village, Pueblo. It is now almost a month construction and has the following developments updates:

19 pillars for its foundation for both 1st and 2nd storey
On-going structuring
And soon to be done preparation for the total house building frame

Though these are just the improvements for the mean time, it will be that great with its bearing. Our workers are still on fire to make this house unit to be done according to the plan of Mr. & Mrs. Orbegoso. We are happy to serve this family with all humility we have and the service that are expecting from us.

The enhancements for this unit to be are countless. We will be updating this unit to all of our viewers and to the family host. You can be updated too!


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