Mr. & Mrs. Orbegoso’s House & Lot Update

“A million worth of courage for a million worth of shelter is really worth it for worthy family!”

Having a getting bigger family size is really a blessing, but needs bigger shelter as well. Not just a bigger shelter but the one which is near to those vital centers, especially those learning institutions and necessary centers. Just like the Orbegoso family, they have this consideration when they first decided to have this house unit for their convenience and for their kids who are still on elementary level. As part of its structure development, it has the now the following:

Hollow blocks filling for walling for the second floor
Done foundation with its 19 pillars
Concreted second flooring
Ready septic tank
And on its 40% stage of the total construction

Yes, it is now on its 40% development and the owner, as our client, it is a huge deal for their side with this fast enhancement. We are in a way, as well proud of the performance of our workers, but as this firm is growing bigger and having a bigger or vast of people, it will be also important to consider some issues to be addressed first, before making this done or on it’s full blast of construction.

As we are having this unit to be done, we will keep on posting updates. And it is part of our duties as well to be real and clear with our consideration/s to make this project, along with those other projects equally be cared of accordingly. But to sum it up, this unit is really big and that inspiring one for us to strive hard, to extend more, to spread more of our skills and learning to reach those other individuals who are not yet decided to pertain a house like this big of Mr.& Mrs. Orbegoso’s. And for those getting bigger family in size out there, who are really in need for a bigger house for their getting bigger family members, contact us now and let us hear your own views for this and have your big dream house blue printed!


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