Mr. & Mrs. Sheila Consolacion’s House & Lot Construction Update

For 3 months of working with this unit, we are now on its almost perfect level. We are happy to say that this still going well with all of its house amenities to be. For months of having all the ideas from the owner and the people who makes this unit be like this now, we are proud to present to our entire viewer the update for today, October 7, 2011 of this house and lot construction package we have in Golden Glow Village area.

It has now having these: completed roofing, tiled flooring, kitchen tiles, built- in cabinets for kitchen and bed rooms, pin lights and center lights, installed water and electric, partitioned areas or bed rooms, toilet & bath, kitchen areas, painted walling in its interior and exterior areas, color coding bed rooms, well-mixed paint colors with its exterior, ready kitchen top, tiled lanai area and installed windows for all over the bed rooms, kitchen, and receiving areas.

This is soon to be done and to be turned-over to the Consolacion’s couple early this month as scheduled. We are also working out now the perimeter fence for this unit to be that elegantly done with the basic landscape. I will update more about this unit soon, so see you on the next improvement for this unit!


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