Mr. & Mrs. Tupaz: Menzi’s First Constructed House!

“The good end is to come for the good start for the good thing to be attained.”

There is really a superb master-piece produced once being started with first-rated performance by the involved. This is what we can vulgarly view as completed project we have in Menzi Orchard Residences in Alae, Bukidnon. As the first house constructed and as our first house construction in that area, of course, this one is quite contributed as huge changes and challenges for those months. Why? It’s because of its first, location which is miles away from the city of Cagayan de Oro, second is its distance away from the neighboring cities’ amenities, and it’s transportation of the materials from CDO.

All those meant a lot of hard work, time consuming and long distance, which would consume as well, must our workers to stay their on the area for months away from their families here in CDO. This one is one of the grand and expensive projects we have since from the start, but it is worth, because we have the unit now, which is really boosting with its made-up. As per the update this month, it is just having a sun blasting lacking in the works, cabinet doors and henges.

This project is soon to be turn-over as possible. Like that of the other project we have, this will be done this week, hopefully. For 6 months of having this unit to be constructed, it is now having a very distinguished view and to be proud of American-style house unit. All of its exterior views are American-inspired one as the developer requires. We built this one according to their restrictions and rules in building a house in Menzi.

As part of our enhancements in the firm with those projects done and still on-going, we are happy to say that even with those days of lots of waves encountered by the firm, here we are still, willing to serve all of you, our clients and that enthusiastic still to listen to your concerns, even after our works with your units. We know that our duties and responsibilities will not end yet after we turn-over you the done project. We are still open for whatever your incoming concern, since we have this warranty period called; and that, as long as those concerns are under our contracts and in the premises of HomeChoice Planners & Construction Corporation’s vision and mission, and service, we will still, help you and cater the after construction period service to all of you!.

So keep in touch even after we turn-over this unit to you Mr. & Mrs. Tupaz! It is our honor to be part of your dream house which is now on its ready to move-in condition!


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