Naval’s House and Lot Construction Update

This project is also near to be done in Morning Mist, Pueblo. The owner has just came in the office this morning for the scheduled blessing for their house, which is soon to be turned-over one of these days.

It is our pleasure and honor to turn over the key of success for this house construction project to Mr. & Mrs. Naval family for this nearly done dream house they have for their children.

Million of thanks to the family for their kind-hearted, and for sharing their time, effort, blessings and trust to all of us in the office, that we can possibly make their dream house to be realized. This is our mission and vision for all of you and for each of our clients, which is to serve them in full loyalty, dedication and success of the project- to gain everyone’s trust and good feedback, as well as to give highly convenient way of living with the done project, with its extra-ordinary made of. We will update you more on its blessing day this coming March 18, 2011.

From all of us in Homechoice Planners, thank you and congratulations!


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