The Naval’s House Construction Project Development

In each project’s development, we always make a feature just for the owner to be updated, even online. We cover such events in order for all the details to be viewed and be visible to all viewers as well. For our Mr. & Mrs. Naval’s house construction project, we are now on its 2nd floor beam pouring. Just this morning, October 19, 2010, the office accompanied the Naval family in the pouring. Together with our broker, co- agents, the main family, and the workers as well, the pouring was done exactly at 8 a.m.

The event was done completely.  This was done to be more acquainted of our clients’, and to know their ideas as well. This to maintain the good rapport among the workers, us and the clients we are serving.  As homechoice planners & construction corporation personalities, we keep on touch to each and every one in the work, to make every single step we do easy and perfectly.

For the Naval’s family, thank you for your trust, and we are looking forward for the good result for the project! You are in good hands. You never mistaken to choose the right force to choose from, for your long lasting house building, for your entire family. Good luck and it is our pleasure to serve you the best.

Until on the next update of your house construction project with us!


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