Tuscania’s Verona II Project Update

End. At last! After months of working with this house at Tuscania CDO, it will soon be finished. The house that was first seen as a perspective drawn in a paper now can be seen and touched in its physical form. Months of waiting for this construction and now it has almost come to its end.

For the last two weeks, we were able to do the following activities:

Painting works 98%
-Installation of bricks 99%
-Installation of door knobs 100%

Two weeks ago, due to some painters were transferred to other sites; we weren’t able to finish all the painting works. As for this week, we were able to finish the following: Painting works 100%, Installation of bricks 100% and Installation of door knobs 100%.

The most awaited part of this project will be done next week. Clearing and Building turn-over! Isn’t it exciting? We’re anxious to let the owner see the outcome of our hard work. We just can’t wait to turn this unit over to the owner. Soon, we’ll be posting photos of this house in its turn-over state.

We, the HomeChoice Planners family would like to express our sincerest gratitude to all the workers who have put so much work and effort to be able to finish this house construction. Thank you also to the family who gave us their trust to build their dream house. Kudos!


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