HCP Workers’ Health Watch

Prevention is better than cure. Health is wealth; cliché as these sayings may sound, but it still conveys a cautionary advice for our health. Health is defined as the level of functional or metabolic efficiency of a living being. It’s the general condition of a person’s mind, body and spirit, usually meaning to be free from illness, injury or pain. Thus, being healthy is vital for every human being.

It is but right that each one of us wants to have a healthy life. Being healthy is one of our key to success as this would give us the strength and energy to work productively. We are always on the go with our work because our mind and body is in its best condition to think and move.

And as concerned citizens of health, our company came up with a program that would be of great help to our workers’ health condition. With the idea and guidance of our company nurse, Ms. Lenny; HomeChoice Planners started to conduct a clinic drive every Monday, where in we check and measure the temperature, blood pressure, height and weight of our workers. This program is really a big help in monitoring our workers’ health condition. We not only monitor their vital signs but we also give health teachings to them. The company nurse educates them of the safety measures that they should be practicing in order to prevent accidents and other injuries at the construction site.

HomeChoice Planners is grateful for the presence of our company nurse as there would now be a health advocate on duty whenever there are emergency situations. Whatever is the workers purpose; be it consultation, vital signs monitoring and wound dressing; our company nurse is present to cater them. Ensuring a good health to our workers is what we aim that’s why we conducted this kind of program. And as what they say, health is wealth; so, for them to be able to have a productive life, being free from illness and injury is a must. Live a Healthy Life!