Mr. & Mrs. Abada’s Newly Done House & Lot Blessing!

“Homes are built on the foundation of wisdom and understanding. Where there is knowledge, the rooms are furnished with valuable, beautiful things.”

6 months ago, as we remember, the Abada’s family came to our office and asked our assistance to conceptualize their dream house to be and which we know from the start, that it will come true! And how we made that dream to its realization? It is through solidarity in the office and workers, well-trained individuals who are in the business, the conceptualized plan, and the sketch of real prayers to make the house to its big picture of actualization.

For the series of 6 months of construction, all of the house amenities of this building are now completed. Its has now the finishing of its interior with the paintings and the desired concept of each room and baths, terraces, kitchen, living, dinning and receiving areas for both first and second floors, attic area and the landscaping outside along with the garage and the laundry area.

And along with these house developments, the family members as well, celebrate their triumph through their two birthday celebration of the pillar of the family and their one of their son, which is celebrated simultaneously with the house blessing ceremony last Saturday, September 24, 2011. That’s what made the house blessing ceremony more valuable. It was attended by the Abada’s family and their relatives, with the Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation staff and employees, of course, the RPM Realty marketing arms. We

As what they put on their banner,” Home sweet home!” and it is really true that it feels like for them. While we were there, we did feel their home sweet home aura with the interior finishing and the added things they place in art in every corner of the house. Looking on the total made up of the house, we could boast the quality and the good maximization we did for the Abada’s family. We are happy, that at last, we made it until to the last minute of this house to be completely and perfectly done according to the plan.

In behalf of the entire group of Homechoice Planners and RPM Realty, we would like to congratulate the Mr. & Mrs. Abada for their NEWLY BUILT HOUSE! Thank you for the laid trust for us to make your dream house to come true!


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