The Mr. & Mrs. Yacapin’s Newly Built House Construction Blessing Ceremony

Another achievement of Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation has once come! One awaited time by the Yacapin family for their house project is now on its ready to move in status. Just last Saturday, October 09, 2010, the office together with the Yacapin’s family had joined its newly built house blessing ceremony. The ceremony was started with a prayer leaded by the Catholic priest. Each of us had handled a candle as a gone to the entire house, as a sign of the light in every corner of the newly done house.

After the prayer, Mrs. Yacapin had thrown coins as a sign of bountiful days. Before I forgot, the Yacapin’s newly built house is in Hillsborough, Robinsons. It is a 2 storey house done project in our office in Homechoice Planners.  It has the inner design of color coding type of bed rooms. It is elegantly done and would really enthralled or entice other to have to of their own! Its lot size is not that big, but it is just enough to have a not just simply elegant house but a cock-a-hoop aura kind and architectural design house project.

Asking of the house construction period? It is on the scheduled time range of 5-6 months; as what is expected. It is very howling creation by the imagination of our clients and our architect; the hard work and dedication of all of our laborers and masons and the full and honest coordination and adherence by our office staffs and the broker himself. This is a customary already in our office to make sure that the service we rendered had satisfied our client’s needs and expectations. For this, we conduct interview to each of our clients for the services rendered by our people.Thus, we also created the testimonials section in this site for all of our followers to know or to read each of our clients’ testimonials. And for this newly done house construction owners’ testimonials regarding our service, please check it out!


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