Second Mass Wedding: Homechoice Planners’ Workers

A year after the Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation sponsored the 1st mass wedding for the construction workers in the company. And now, as part of the company’s protocol and culture since then, it held the 2nd mass wedding for those construction workers that are on the path of setting themselves on the nest of wedding. The company is having this practice, to help, maintain the good rapport among each worker and the staffs, then to make the team united as a FAMILY.

Just last August 27, 2011, Saturday, at exactly 10 in the morning, the said 2nd event was conducted. The said wedding was participated by the main hosts, or the couples who were wed. There were 5 pairs of our construction workers whom being united that day in the name of God and in the house of God.

Along this event, there were the other pairs as well from Assembly of God’s church members, who did join the said matrimony. Thus, it helped to make the event gayer, and victoriously done! The ceremony was done with the help of those stewards of God from Assembly of God church. There are many of them to mention, but you know who you are people and we would like to extend our gratitude for the efforts done and for the assistance.

This celebration is will not be made possible without the main sponsor/s. Though I would like to stress the names of those people, but due of their humbled-hearts, they prefer not to. Thus, let me express our gratitude to thank you for being the blessing and the key for those construction workers who made their vows before your presence and in God’s presence. We all know that it will not be possibly done without your first thought of helping them and for stretching your arms to help their lives on set!

A great thank you from all of us and a hope for all of us to make the business more productive and stay in the thought of being blessed to be a blessing for everybody!