Mr. & Mrs. Lao’s House Construction Turn-Over!

“Festivity will come for the most awaited moment in life, when started with people whom can be trusted and in the right timing.”

For 6 months of having this house unit to be built, we came to its final moment of making it that elegantly and hugely presented aura. Just few weeks ago, we have this one with its almost done finishing touches and now finally done with its interior and exterior works, plus its fence works. We are, indeed, happy with the result of our master-piece and that we sustained with the ever-changing of ideas and issues came along our ways while having this one on field. But as long as those issues are essential for the grand outcome for this project, it will be okay and still superb for us.

As its final update for the construction of this unit, we formally and finally turn-over this unit to Mr. & Mrs. Lao. We personally gave the keys per door to Mrs. Lao, in behalf of her husband’s absence. Upon turning over to her the keys, we first discuss all the details and the necessary things that needed to be discussed before we let go of the house fully to the owner. It is a must that they will understand all of the happenings and all of those amendments of the plans and of those particular materials used due of the nature of the works call.

In behalf of HomeChoice Planners & Construction Corporation, we would like to thanks the Lao’s family for letting us shared to them our skills, time, dedication, concepts, ways, customs, beliefs, and faith to have their dream house done possibly. It is our pleasure and honor to have your built house done even amidst intrusions of ideas and miscommunication sometimes, but the most important is that, you still calm down, and humbled yourselves to let us do our part as your vehicle to make your dream house to be achieved in all ways we know and can do. Thank you and we are hoping and praying that, soon, on this Christmas season, may your family celebrate with full of happiness, contentment and joy deep in with this newly-build house!


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