Tuscania Verona 1 model house Turn-over today!

As the Tuscania developer is giving us the chance to share our full force team to build one of their model houses, we are now on the reality of making it come true now! One of the projects we have with them- Verona 1 is now almost on its accomplishment state. We are proud to say and view to all of our clients and viewers that we made it at its best! It is now entitled to be turned-over to the owners, who have been waiting for the last day of the construction for them to enjoy the fruit of their dream and financial labor.

As of September 12, 2011, it has now the following improvements: tiled flooring for both 1st and 2nd floor areas, tiled bath rooms and wall accents, kitchen completed concept and all of the built-in cabinets and its well-blended painting colors with its exterior and interior.

When we got to the area, the owner is already in the development area. They stay in one of the subdivision’s unit there for the main time, until the building is will be fully done and ready to occupy state.

With all the warmth from our hearts, we would like to express our gratitude for the Tuscania development for making us your choice for that house choice of your client and for making us the number one Homechoice for every one there! We are looking forward to make those remaining two house projects in your area. At the same way, we will be building those with full of dedication, hard work, more over-time by the workers, extra- focus and prayers!


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