Four years as an ISO Certified Company, Homechoice Planners has attracted clients who are thorough in planning and execution of their house building project. Our system management has been put to the test when we built this house. Communication between client and the client is crucial for timing and target achievement. In the process, we learn a lot of better construction processes practiced abroad and welcome the improvement these can contribute to our system and products.

After several months of collaboration with client and suppliers, we happily completed the house last February 28, 2019 and delivered it to its owners who are satisfied with the result. It was custom-built with client-requested features which are the wooden planks on all floors, swing- out smoked-glass windows and steel doors.

Let’s start your house project. Check our on-going Appliances Incentive Promo for the First Quarter bookings. Email us or call us.

Equipping Workers for Competency

drills-trainings-hpcc2018As a company that is committed to ensure most satisfied customers, deliver highest quality service and continually improving its quality management system; HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation continues to be in sync with its quality policy thru having safe work environment and competent workers. To ensure a safe work environment and competent workers, HPCC provides trainings, awareness and seminars to keep its employees equipped and informed.

HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation have recently been collaborating with other institutions and agencies in conducting trainings, seminars and the likes. Last 13th of August, fire drill training was conducted by Bureau of Fire Protection Bulua station. The said training serves as an awareness and prevention of fire; wherein the firefighters discussed the use of fire extinguisher and drills-trainings-hpcc-2018 the dos and don’ts during a fire outbreak. The company also coordinated with Department of Health and recently held its Basic Life Support training to chosen employees of HPCC. Last September 15, project foremen, project assistants, engineers and admin staffs were taught how to respond in a life emergency situation. And just yesterday, September 17, Healthcheck one of the diagnostic clinics here in Cagayan de Oro city was invited to conduct a random drug test to all employees of HPCC. These activities each with different goals have equipped the workers in various aspects; teachings not only limited to construction matters. In this way it has made the workers competent not only in the skills that they know but to other things as well.

Fire drill, random drug test and basic life support training, these are just some of the activities that HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation have been busy with lately, but it does not end here. More collaborative activities are in works for the company’s continual improvement, and that includes the worker’s competency, the system and the work environment.

Time of Refreshing

40400209_1777251402329870_6910886293782134784_oWhen we’re all stressed out and burnt out from work, what good remedy any of us could have but to take a time off from work. Working in a construction company is not easy especially the ones who are doing the hard labor under the scorching heat of the sun for eight hours; well actually in any company or whatever your job is, we all get tired and stressed out. And it is just right that every employee should take a breather from their exhausting work days.

Last August 25, HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation, SEAzed the day by bringing their staffs and workers out to the beach; and together they had fun games, sumptuous meal and enjoyed their fellowship. Aside from the games and bonding moments, they get to hear first the word of God. 40032879_1777248352330175_6480327221201338368_oIn everything we do, we should put God first thus hearing and sharing about Jesus is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. And praise God for after hearing the word, five workers of the company has responded to the calling and decided to receive Jesus Christ in their lives and submitted to be baptized in water. The heavens are rejoicing for these people’s lives, they have decided to follow Jesus and it’s no turning back.

The one day breather from the stressful work might be bitin but it was more than enough time for a refreshing; be refreshed from all the work stressors or life in general. As the activity concluded, everyone felt refreshed physically, emotionally and above all spiritually.

HPCC ventures in Socialized Housing

38683801_1742209452500732_4111924680426782720_nFor almost 12 years now, Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation has been a known builder of customized houses. And for almost 12 years, HPCC has been building mid to high end customized houses. HPCC may still be a baby in the construction industry, comparing to other renowned construction firms here in Cagayan de Oro City that has been in the industry for decades already, but one quality that makes HPCC stand out from the others is its innovativeness.

Like any other construction company here in the city, HPCC started out as a traditional builder of houses that is using CHB or the core hollow block. 38635912_1742209435834067_4238330876527640576_n And then in the year 2012, HPCC went out of the norm and started using the Plaswall Technology as their main ingredient in building houses, making them the first one to use this kind of system here in Cagayan de Oro City. HPCC’s very first project using the Plaswall Technology was a success and with this, the system has started to become HPCC’s trademark here in the city. Fast forward to this time, Plaswall Technology is still part of HPCC’s construction system. Because of the system’s efficacy, it has gained interest from clients and even other construction firms as to how it works. And this is the reason why one of the known housing developers here in the city has tapped with HPCC to venture in their newest development.

38528903_1742209449167399_1240406870280110080_nA Brown Company Inc. – the renowned developer of Xavier Estates, Teakwood Hills and Ventura Residences is developing new projects and one of it is a socialized housing located at Agusan, Cagayan de Oro City called Mangoville. This certain project is HPCC’s pioneering venture in socialized housing and collaboration with a housing developer. Last August 13, HPCC held its groundbreaking prayer and started its layout at Mangoville. This project is set to finish on November this year. And HPCC is excited about this project since it’s the company’s desire to have a venture in subdivision and housing developments.

Thanks to A Brown Company Inc. for opening its door to HPCC and for giving them the opportunity to start fulfilling one of their desires. Congratulations to HPCC and A Brown Company Inc. for this collaboration!

HPCC turns over GGV project

GGV-Project7For almost eight months, Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation has worked with this certain project at Golden Glow Village. Last June 22, the project was satisfactorily completed and HPCC turned it over to the client on June 26. Originally, this project is designed as a one-storey residential building; later on the owner decided to make some changes and requested to turn it’s balcony to a second-storey room. Known for building customized houses, HPCC is committed to ensure most satisfied customers through delivering products according to the client’s desire.

GGV-Project7-2018It is always a privilege for Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation to be able to complete a project and turn it over to its owner. It’s rewarding to see the smile plastered on the client’s face when they get to receive the keys and certificate of the house. Thank you to the family of the newly turned over house. Thank you for choosing and trusting HPCC to be the builder of your home.

Congratulations to Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation! Congratulations also to the new homeowners of Golden Glow Village!

HPCC transitions from ISO 9001:2008 to 9001:2015

ISO9001-2015-HPCCHomechoice Planners and Construction Corporation is a twelve year old company that has been ISO certified for four years now. Annually, HPCC undergoes surveillance audits from one of the known certified bodies of ISO – TUV SUD. It is during at this time that the auditors check if the company is still following its standard process. And for its continual improvement, HPCC is always on the go for new opportunities and possibilities.

As ISO 9001:2008 transitioned to 9001:2015, Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation also made its way in transitioning to the updated version. Stage 1 of the offsite surveillance audit was done last February 28 while the ISO9001-2015-HPCC-TransitionStage 2 onsite surveillance audit was conducted last June 4. There may be minor findings and opportunities for improvement but the one day audit was still a success because HPCC is now certified with ISO 9001:2015.

It has been four years already since TUV SUD has become HPCC’s certified auditor. In these years, amicable working relationship and strong camaraderie has already been established between the two companies. Thank you TUV SUD and congratulations HPCC!

Back in the Estates

X.E. Project 11It has been three years or so since the last project HPCC had at Xavier Estates. This year, Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation goes back to Xavier Estates for its new project. Known for its customized design houses, this latest project of HPCC is another project that is designed according to the client’s preference.

This two-storey residential building project conducted its groundbreaking and lot dedication last 10th of June. The owner’s family, HPCC’s staffs and ministering partner First Assembly of God church pastoral staffs were present during the event. It was another remarkable event for HPCC as this project serves as the company’s welcome back project in one of Cagayan de Oro City’s high end subdivision.

Congratulations to the project’s owner and builder! See you on its full swing construction!

Bungalow Project on the Rise

Tuscania-Project4-HPCCNew project is on the rise. This project is located at Tuscania Subdivision adjacent to one of HPCC’s upcoming projects. Just like its adjacent project, this is going to be a bungalow project but a modified Capri model since the owner opted to have a carport with roof. Last June 2, groundbreaking and lot dedication of the said property was conducted. The owner together with their family and friends were present at the event.

It’s all glory to God that the event was a success. Even in a gloomy weather, God orchestrated everything that all things happened smoothly and the event ended well. God didn’t pour out the rain that morning but gave us a shady cloud. Thanks to the owner for the opportunity they have given HPCC to be the builder of their dream home. It was all God’s plan. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Updates will be posted soon.

HPCC: Ongoing and Upcoming Projects

Pueblos-Peak-HPCC-ProjectIt has been a productive month for Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation as three projects await to start. In fact one project is on its full swing construction already right after its groundbreaking and lot dedication last May 23. This certain project is a two-storey residential building located at Villa Ernesto Subdivision, Gusa. The other two projects also dedicated their lots and conducted a groundbreaking. Last May 10, HPCC’s very first commercial arcade project along Mastersons Avenue held its groundbreaking and recently the upcoming one-storey residential building also held its groundbreaking at Tuscania Subdivision.

VillaErnesto-HPCC-ProjectHomechoice Planners and Construction Corporation is privileged to have been chosen as the builder of the above mentioned projects. The company does not only build buildings but also fulfills the dreams of the clients. Congratulations to the owners of the projects! Let’s not just build buildings but establish good relationship as well.

Updates of the projects can be seen in our facebook page – Cagayan de Oro Construction. Please do check it out.

Win the Race: HPCC Pinoy Sports Fest

SportsFest_HPCC2018Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation has walked down to memory lane as they have conducted a throwback of the 90s renowned Pinoy games. It was a nostalgic moment as the company reminisce all the games that the people used to play way back their childhood days. Piko, limbo rock, luksong lubid, luksong baka, luksong tinik, sipa bola are just some of the pinoy games that the HPCC workers have played.

Last 5th of May, HPCC together with the other companies under RPM Conglomerates – RPM Realty, Carniella Build N’ Shop, Ehynsohfee and Construction Supply gathered together at La Buena Vida covered court to have some fun bonding and friendly competition. Each team has shown their competitiveness in every game.

Homechoice-Sports-Fest-2018It may be a sports fest and competition is present but at the end of the day everyone got to bond with each other and rapport was established. Congratulations to the team who bagged the first place. It was a good sport indeed. Looking forward to the next sports fest; well, everybody is hoping for another Pinoy sports fest. Until then!