Receiving Jesus Christ: The Water Baptism

water-baptism-homechoice-2013“How beautiful are the feet of those of who bring good news.” – Romans 10:15

Spreading the good news is what has always been the mission of HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation since it has started its bible study service five years ago. The company’s head, Mr. Robinson P. Masangcay in collaboration with CDO First Assembly of God church has used their beautiful feet in sharing the good news to the workers. And thru their beautiful feet, many have heard of the word and have received Jesus Christ in their life.

Last September 7, the company sponsored a water baptism service that was held at Marvilla Beach Resort. HPCC was overwhelmed with the number of workers that have decided to receive Jesus Christ. It’s a fulfillment for the company to see that a lot of people have been blessed with God’s word. With this, the company is more driven to continue their mission in spreading the word of God.

homechoice-water-baptism-2013In HPCC’s five years of conducting bible study service, it is such an overwhelming experience for the company to see that within those years, the workers have submitted their lives in serving the Lord. They have seen the grace of God and have realized that life is indeed more meaningful with Jesus Christ in it.

Our feet are essential part of our body as it brings us to places wherever we want to go. But what could make these feet more essential and beautiful? It is by using it for the glory of God. While we use it to walk through many places, we can as well use it to minister and spread the good news which is the word of the Lord. Indeed, beautiful are those feet that bring the good news.