HPCC.com Joint Service

hpcc.com-bible-studyHomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation that church on Monday; for short, HPCC.com is a bible study service done every Monday to the construction workers and admin of the company. For years now, bible study services between the construction workers and admin has been done separately; the workers at the warehouse and the admin in the main office.

But for this year, it has been decided for the bible study service between workers and admin be as one. The joint bible study service started yesterday, March 11, 2013. Along with this joint service is a change in the program flow. It is not the usual flow anymore, wherein the pastoral staff and members of the CDO First Assembly of God church would lead the service. Starting yesterday, each workers’ team, including the HPCC admin and RPM Realty marketing officers were assigned a date to lead in the services. In this way, the admin and construction workers were given an opportunity not just to sit down and listen to the service but to be a part of it.

bible-study-service-homechoiceThe first team to lead in the joint bible study service was the structural team. Each members of the team were designated to do the opening prayer, welcome song, testimonies, scripture reading, offering and so on. The structural team did a good job in leading the service, encouraging other teams to do the same or even better.

The management is glad with these changes done in the service because it will not only help the staff and workers to be a good follower of the word of God; but it will also mould them to be a good leader and sharer of the word. All glory and praises to God!