Lead me to the Cross: HPCC’s holy week special

imageLast March 23, as an annual practice of HPCC, its Holy Week activity was held at CDO First Assembly of God church. This year’s Lenten activity was themed “Lead me to the Cross”, emphasizing the significance of the cross. One of the significant things happened on the cross was Jesus Christ’s seven last words. It has been a tradition for churches to commemorate the seven last words that Jesus has uttered when he was hanging on the cross.

And for this year’s holy week service, Jesus’ famous seven last words were preached and elaborated by different speakers. It was a refreshing holy week activity in a way that some of the speakers were fresh pastoral graduates and some were first time speakers in a large group of people. The seven last words were also a refresher for some imageof the attendees and for some it was their first time to hear about it. The activity has touched and blessed the hearts of the attendees. They were physically, emotionally and spiritually satiated.

The cross is the symbol of Jesus Christ’s unconditional love for us. Despite of our iniquities, transgressions and sins, God has sacrificed His son for our salvation. We were saved by grace and we should be grateful that we’re alive because of that grace. Surely no words can express that can be amounted to what the Lord has done for us; but still we want to say thank you Lord for everything. To God be the glory!