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HomeChoice Planners/RPM Realty goes to Consolacion! Operations CLEAN UP Drive. (12.27.11)

“ New hope for a new life for this season of New year!”

After the huge, shocking and troublesome flood the city of Cagayan de Oro had experienced, all of the government and non-government agencies, private sectors and companies, tied up together with the thought of helping each family who was victimized by the said incident. There are varying outreach programs and relief operations are being rendered and given to every area of casualties. The big names of big governmental and private sectors or agencies are the Red Cross organization, JCI’s organizations, DSWD, Church groups all throughout the city, Globe Telecom, Smart, and those other telecommunication providers. These are just few of those agencies that helped and still on the act of giving to all of those casualties with their food, clothing, and medicine and in kind need for daily.

Bureau of Fire Protection in Malaybalay and in the City are also part of the said help act by providing their assigned areas of responsibility in Cagayan De Oro to ration water to residences and establishments, even in Divisoria areas, where lots of businesses and commercial tools and places in. There are also the ever-compared participation and rescuing by those police men, to those people who are deceased by the flood in Consolacion area and to those neighboring areas which are still subject to inspection for any possibility of searching dead bodies right along the river side.

Along with those lined-up Barangays and governmental activities for relief operations, we, in Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation and RPM Realty people, were in one caused with them – To help those people in Consolacion areas feel the Spirit of Christmas despite everything happened. As our act, we conducted a Clean-up Drive at Isla Kupa, Consolacion area just last December 27, 2011. That was to lead the people there to bring out and have their rubbish taken to the dump site and have their area be cleaned to avoid any sickness from the garbage. The clean up drive started at 8:30 up to the next day, which is enough for the people to have their area clean from those solidified state of rubbish outside their houses, and which also made the road thinner and inconvenient for any vehicle to pass through.

On the same day, we also roamed around Consolacion to distribute snacks randomly, and to those people and children around. That is for us to show how sorry we are of what happened to every one of them and to extend the blessing, as well, we have to them. On the act, we did see every one’s eyes joy and smile of happiness even with the little things, yet memorable for them to cherish. That was a big thing for them and we are happy to see them smiling.

Christmas is really for giving, sharing, forgiving and accepting. And it is really a great thing for us to share the goodness from above and to show and share to one another every blessing, skill and kind-hearted we have. For us, it is not a time for partying only, but to actualize the real essence of Christmas and to cherish the meaning of new year through charitable acts to our countrymen, especially these people who are the victims of the said recently passed by typhoon Sendong.

New hope comes from new acts and ways of sharing and giving, new concept of celebrating Christmas, and new set of worn clothing from party clothing to clean up drive attires! Wasn’t it that exciting and full of joy experience? It really was for each one of us from HomeChoice Planners and RPM Realty! That was one of a kind experience and overwhelming moment for all of us in the office, seeing every victim’s eyes that are cheering for happiness and gladness they felt with our presence and God’s rays as well!

You too can do the same and do more than what we did. What are you waiting for? Extend your help to every Cagay-anons and those others who are affected by the said typhoon and may this New Year be a new blessing for every one of you to ponder and share as well!