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The Better Aid – Bamboo Lane

Pueblo de Oro is developing CDO’s 1st 3 Storey Townhouse and the kagay-anons are excited of the news. To match with the family’s eagerness to move and live in the 3 storey home, Pueblo de Oro opened its door and invited contractors to aid them with the demand and we, Homechoice Planners Construction Corp., is one of the privileged contractors.

Team Homechoice @ Bamboo Lane


Despite all the best wishes and good intentions, in life, we have our own shares of troubles and challenges and Pueblo de Oro is no exemption. For whatever reason, there’s a season when Pueblo de Oro’s payment got delayed and some contractors flared up which caused negatively on workmanship however we, along with a few other contractors, decided to continue the work with integrity regardless of the situation. Who understand contractors better than co-contractors?

When Pueblo de Oro got back on their feet and everything’s back to normal, they can now see who’s with them through thick and thin. They know who believes in them and trust them fully and to whom they could pour their complete trust into — we, Homechoice Planners, along with the few other contractors who aid them to the fullest.

The tough season brought forth great friendships and partnerships and this is beyond what the delayed payments could afford.

Team Homechoice, you’ve done it again.


Four years as an ISO Certified Company, Homechoice Planners has attracted clients who are thorough in planning and execution of their house building project. Our system management has been put to the test when we built this house. Communication between client and the client is crucial for timing and target achievement. In the process, we learn a lot of better construction processes practiced abroad and welcome the improvement these can contribute to our system and products.

After several months of collaboration with client and suppliers, we happily completed the house last February 28, 2019 and delivered it to its owners who are satisfied with the result. It was custom-built with client-requested features which are the wooden planks on all floors, swing- out smoked-glass windows and steel doors.

Let’s start your house project. Check our on-going Appliances Incentive Promo for the First Quarter bookings. Email us or call us.

Back in the Estates

X.E. Project 11It has been three years or so since the last project HPCC had at Xavier Estates. This year, Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation goes back to Xavier Estates for its new project. Known for its customized design houses, this latest project of HPCC is another project that is designed according to the client’s preference.

This two-storey residential building project conducted its groundbreaking and lot dedication last 10th of June. The owner’s family, HPCC’s staffs and ministering partner First Assembly of God church pastoral staffs were present during the event. It was another remarkable event for HPCC as this project serves as the company’s welcome back project in one of Cagayan de Oro City’s high end subdivision.

Congratulations to the project’s owner and builder! See you on its full swing construction!

HPCC: Ongoing and Upcoming Projects

Pueblos-Peak-HPCC-ProjectIt has been a productive month for Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation as three projects await to start. In fact one project is on its full swing construction already right after its groundbreaking and lot dedication last May 23. This certain project is a two-storey residential building located at Villa Ernesto Subdivision, Gusa. The other two projects also dedicated their lots and conducted a groundbreaking. Last May 10, HPCC’s very first commercial arcade project along Mastersons Avenue held its groundbreaking and recently the upcoming one-storey residential building also held its groundbreaking at Tuscania Subdivision.

VillaErnesto-HPCC-ProjectHomechoice Planners and Construction Corporation is privileged to have been chosen as the builder of the above mentioned projects. The company does not only build buildings but also fulfills the dreams of the clients. Congratulations to the owners of the projects! Let’s not just build buildings but establish good relationship as well.

Updates of the projects can be seen in our facebook page – Cagayan de Oro Construction. Please do check it out.

Project Watch: RPM Building Construction

The four-storey commercial building – RPM building is finally taking its move in going up. The building started its construction way back 2013 and was able to finish its second floor in 2014.

For quite a while, HPCC stopped its operation in constructing RPM building due to unforeseen circumstances. And now, after a three year hiatus, RPM building is in full swing construction for its third and fourth floors; plus, a roof deck!

RPM building will be opening more spaces for offices, business hub and probably pads for rent. Another thing that we look forward to is the roof deck area that will be used for the company’s bible study and future events/activities.

This project is set to be completed this year. Exciting! More updates on facebook page, check out Cagayan de Oro Construction.

HPCC Project Updates

Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation may have a hiatus in project blog updates but not on its full swing construction of projects.

Last year, HPCC have satisfactorily completed and turned over two projects, both located in downtown CDO. And as always, it’s a privilege to be able to serve clients and deliver to them our finished products.

This year, the company has four ongoing projects all located in uptown CDO; two bungalow residential building, one two-storey residential building and one four-storey commercial building. All of these projects are set to finish and turnover to its owners within this year.

Who’s excited to see the finished product? Well, I sure am one of those excited. For visual updates of these projects, you can always check the company’s facebook page – Cagayan de Oro Construction. There’s a weekly update of the ongoing projects. Keep you posted!

Update: Carmen Project 2

13912778_1037240729664278_1973270352508783219_nHomechoice Planners and Construction Corporation has started working on its newest project at barangay Carmen. Last August 6, its groundbreaking and lot dedication was conducted at the said site; it was ministered by the company’s church partner – First Assembly of God church led by Pastor Elpie Taboclaon. After the groundbreaking service, it was followed by a kick off meeting in HPCC’s office wherein the construction flow and process were presented to the client.

Day 1 of this certain project started last August 8. They have cleared out the site from some of the demolition’s debris and rubbish. And as of yesterday’s progress, on-going layout and excavation works are being done. Every development of this project is a thing to look forward to by the family concerned for it’s a step closer to seeing their dream house in its tangible form. And with the company’s use of Plaswall Technology, construction of the house will only take six months or less unlike the traditional way that sometimes it takes almost a year to finish. With Plaswall technology, turnover will definitely be fast and with durable and high quality finish.

Thanks to the owner of this project for trusting HPCC to build their dream house. Also, congratulations for the step they have made in realizing their dream; and HPCC is grateful to be of service in this realization. As for the project’s progress, we’ll keep you posted!

First Quarter Projects

pueblo-golf-estate-homechoiceHomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation welcomes two new breakthrough projects as it enters year 2015. For the first quarter of 2015, HPCC is set to work with these two new projects. Each project had already conducted its Groundbreaking and Lot Dedication service. The first one was the project at Pueblo Golf Estates that was held last 28th of January; and the second project was conducted last March 10 at Vista Verde Village.

It’s a privilege for HPCC to be chosen as the partner in fulfilling the clients’ desire in having their dream home. These new projects; two-storey residential building at Pueblo Golf Estates and one-storey residential building at Vista Verde Village are now already part of HPCC’s portfolio of projects. They are now included in the list of pueblo-vista-verde-village-homechoicequality built customized houses by HPCC. Just recently, the Pueblo Golf Estates project has started its full swing construction. And soon enough, the Vista Verde Village project will be next.

With the company’s mission of providing quality service, the clients definitely made the right choice in collaborating with HPCC to build their house. Assuredly, this partnership will be beyond from start to finish of the project. In behalf of HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation; extending our sincerest gratitude to the project owners for entrusting us to be the builders of their house. Updates and developments of these projects will be posted soon. Until then!

New Quarter. New Projects.

groundbreaking-homechoiceAs we enter into a new quarter, new projects are in store also for HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation. For this month of October, HPCC was able to close two new projects. And before the company will start building a new project, groundbreaking and lot dedication are to be conducted first.

The first project conducted its groundbreaking last October 8 at Xavier Estates’ Phase 1; while the second project was held last October 11 at Pueblo de Oro’s Philam-life Village. These two new projects are both having two-storey designs which were drawn by our in-house architects. The projects were customized and uniquely designed according to the owner’s desires. With this, HPCC has yet new projects to be included in the company’s portfolio of using the Plaswall Technology.

Since the start of using the Plaswall Building System, the construction of residential and commercial buildings has indeed become faster. There is an on-time delivery and turn-over of the finished project. And with these two new projects, the clients are assured that their dream house can be turned-over according to their planned date.

We at HPCC would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to the families who have chosen us to be the builder of their home. Thank you for entrusting us your dreams. For updates and developments of these projects, you can check out our posts here in our website or in our facebook page. Until then!

Update: Kisanlu Project

This project at Kisanlu can now be included in the list of our achievements. This house is almost complete, we’re just working on some finishing touches then it’s ready to be turned-over to the owner. For updates on this project, last week, we’re able to work on the following things:

-Installation of railings at gate and at the back portion 100%
-Painting works 75%
-Electrical works 75%
-Applying of water proofing (power mix) at fire wall 100%

As for this week’s activities, the following were done:

-Electrical works 100%
-Painting works 100%
-Clearing 90%

Next week’s activity would be the exciting part as it is scheduled for the turn-over of the house. HomeChoice Planners & Construction is thankful to the owner of the house as they had trusted our services in building their desired house. This is another project that needs to be proud of because of the good outcome. All the hard work’s been paid off. Thanks to the Lord Almighty who guided us in making this project a successful one. Updates on this project will soon be posted, photos included as well.