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Update: Golden Glow Village Project 1

HomeChoice Planners & Construction has been working for this project in Golden Glow Village for almost 7 months now. Within this almost 7months of work, a lot of things have done and a lot of developments can be seen. Last week, we were able to do the following activities:

-Ceiling works 55%
-Carpentry works 45%
Tile works 95%
-Installation of wood tiles 100%
-Glass works 45%
-Roofing works 100%
-Installation of door jambs 100%

For this week’s developments, we were able to work on the following:

-Ceiling works 90%
-Painting works 50%
-Carpentry works 90%
Grinding of wood tiles 100%
-Glass works 90%
Fence works 50%
-Installation of partition at attic 90%

The lined-up activities for next week are as follows: continuation of Painting works, Carpentry works, Glass works, Electrical works and Fence works. This project is almost near to its completion and we just cannot wait to see the finish product of this project. We couldn’t thank enough the family who trusted us to realize their dream house. It is our great pleasure to serve them. As to the other accomplishments to this project, we’ll just keep you all posted!

Philam-Life Village Project 1 Update

Family. It is the most fundamental of all social groups, a basic social institution at the very care of society. In our company, family is important because the values institutionalized in a family have long been regarded as important enough to warrant strong measures. And because we at HomeChoice Planners treat each other as family, we have strong bond and ties in our company. We are brothers and sisters in Christ and it is but right that we call ourselves as family. And this value that we have, we also extend it to our clients.

The clients that we had, we consider them as part of our family already. In a family, you would do things that would benefit the most to your family. You want to serve and please them with the things that they desire. That’s what we do here in our company, for better service to our clients we make sure that we build their house according to their desires.

Just like this house construction that we have at Philam-Life Village, we work on things according to the family’s plan. To be true to them, we keep them updated through posting photos as to the developments to their house. And as to the developments of this house, last week we were able to work on the following:

Panganto 70%
-Installation of steel truss 100%
-Pouring of stairs 100%
-Installation of railings at terrace 100%

As for this week, the activities done are as follows:

Skim coating 65%
Plastering 100%
Faring works 40%
Panganto 95%
Roofing works 70%

Next week, we have plans on continuing its Skim coating and do the Faring works, Panganto and Roofing works. Other developments of this project will be posted soon. Photos will also be posted on this site and on our facebook pages. Do check it out guys!

Pueblo Golf Estates Project 1: Construction Update

Service is another value that our company acknowledges. Honesty in rendering service is a priority as this would result in giving the best services to our clients. One of those honest and best services that we do is informing and updating our clients with the following things that we’ve done with their dream house.

Like this project that we have at Pueblo Golf Estates, we give our honest service with this project by doing the appropriate things and posting updates for our client’s welfare. And as to the enhancements of this project, last week these things were done:

CHB filling 20%
-Removing of scaffolding 100%
-Installation of reinforcement for stairs 100%
-Installation of reinforcement for column 2nd floor 100%

With regards to this week’s updates, we were able to work on the following:

-Installation forms for columns 100%
-Installation of forms for roof beam 100%
-Pouring of columns 2nd floor 100%
-CHB filling 40%

Next week, we have plans on working for the Pouring of roof beam and Pouring of stairs. Photos and other activities for this project will soon be posted. Just wait and see!

Golden Glow Village Project 2 Update

Trust is a value that should be treasured. Our company values trust because we believe that fundamental honesty is the keystone of business. If we are honest towards to other people then we can be a trustworthy person. That’s what we practice here in our company; we render good and honest services to our clients because trust important to us. With these honest services, we would be able to deliver true facts and information to our dear clients.

How can our clients trust the harvest, unless they see it sown? The main reason why we keep on posting updates regarding our different construction projects. It’s for the clients to see the developments on their house.

Just like this Golden Glow Village Project 2, we see to it that we post every accomplishment that we have done with this house. And speaking about accomplishments, last week we were able to do the 70% Excavation and 40% Installation of scaffoldings. For this week’s enhancements, the following were done:

-Excavation 100%
-Installation of scaffoldings 80%
-Installation of reinforcement for columns 100%
Electrical preparation 100%
-Pouring of concrete footing 15%
-Installation of forms 40%

As for next week’s planned activities, these are the things that should be done:

-Continuation of scaffold installation
Pouring of concrete footing
-Installation of forms
Pouring of 2nd floor slab

The updates that we keep on posting as to the developments of our projects are what we have sown. And we do this for the clients to trust the harvest. So for other updates, it will soon be posted. Photos are included as well. Until then!

Updates on Vista Verde Village Project 3

Dedicated. One must be wholly committed to something that they do for greater outcomes. As for us in HomeChoice Planners, it is but important to us that we dedicate ourselves in every project that we work on. Being devoted into something is a sign for achievement.

With this project at Vista Verde Village, we are giving our best shot on working with this house construction, making sure that we’ve followed every little detail that our client wanted for their dream house. And also deliver to them every development with their house. As for last week’s enhancements, we were able to work on the installation of reinforcement column on 2nd floor and removing of scaffolding.

For this week’s activity, we have worked 60% on the CHB filling and 35% on Installation of forms for column on the 2nd floor. The planned activities for next week will be the following:

-Continuation of CHB filling
-Installation of forms

There’ll be a lot to work on before seeing this house in its physical form. But with a lot of dedication and hard work, this project will be done in no time. We know that the Almighty Father is with us, guiding us in every work that we do. He serves as our inspiration and of course, our clients as well, giving us the drive to work more for the better. So to our inspirations, Thanks much!

Vista Verde Village Project 4 Update

Focus. Everybody needs this for a better outcome of their work. HomeChoice Planners is not an exemption to this. Being focused to every project that we have is a must as this would give us better results with our work. We wanted our clients to enjoy the good outcome from our work and also give them the best services we have.

Just for example this project that we’re working on Vista Verde Village, we are focused on working with this house because we wanted to achieve good outcomes. We see to it that we give accurate information and details regarding the developments of this house to our client. Talking about developments, last week we were able to do the following:

-Installation of scaffoldings 95%
-Installation of forms 90%
-Pouring of concrete footing 100%
Pouring of column 1st floor 100%
Electrical preparation 100%

And as for this week, the following works were done:

Pouring slab 2nd floor 100%
-Installation of forms at stairs 100%

The planned activities for next week would be the Curing of concrete slab on the 2nd floor and Installation of reinforcement at stairs. We, at HomeChoice Planners values trust, service and family in our company and so we wanted this to share also to our clients. It is our aim to be a blessing to others. And for other updates regarding this project, we’ll keep you all informed!

Update: Kisanlu Project

Effort. We have to exert effort in everything that we do. If we want things to be done nicely and properly, we have to put our best effort in it. In our company, to be able to give our clients the best service, we really put our effort in all the things that we do.

In every project that we have, we see to it that we give the best effort we could give for better outcome. Just like this project at Kisanlu Iponan, HomeChoice Planners is giving its best shot to be able to accomplish all the tasks needed. And last two weeks, we were able to do these activities:

Glass works 100%
-Fence works 50%
-Carpentry works 45%
Painting works 10%

For this week, we are now working on the following things:

-Carpentry works 90%
-Painting works 17%
-Fabrication of fence railings 50%
-Stone works 55%
-Installation of granite slab 100%
-Tile works 100%
-Installation of doors 100%

Scheduled activities for next week are as follows: Continuation of carpentry works, Painting works, Installation of railings for fence and Stone works. Other developments for this project will soon be posted. Photos are included also. Updates with this project can be checked in our facebook pages and in our websites also.

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Tuscania’s Verona II Project Update

End. At last! After months of working with this house at Tuscania CDO, it will soon be finished. The house that was first seen as a perspective drawn in a paper now can be seen and touched in its physical form. Months of waiting for this construction and now it has almost come to its end.

For the last two weeks, we were able to do the following activities:

Painting works 98%
-Installation of bricks 99%
-Installation of door knobs 100%

Two weeks ago, due to some painters were transferred to other sites; we weren’t able to finish all the painting works. As for this week, we were able to finish the following: Painting works 100%, Installation of bricks 100% and Installation of door knobs 100%.

The most awaited part of this project will be done next week. Clearing and Building turn-over! Isn’t it exciting? We’re anxious to let the owner see the outcome of our hard work. We just can’t wait to turn this unit over to the owner. Soon, we’ll be posting photos of this house in its turn-over state.

We, the HomeChoice Planners family would like to express our sincerest gratitude to all the workers who have put so much work and effort to be able to finish this house construction. Thank you also to the family who gave us their trust to build their dream house. Kudos!

Golden Glow Village Project 1 Update

Achievement. They say that the greatest achievements are those that benefit others. We, at HomeChoice Planners, is very grateful with all the achievements that we’ve had. Our achievements did benefit a lot of people. With the projects that we had, we were able to give jobs to those who are seeking for it and also help the families who want a house of their own.

Another project that soon can be included in our achievements is the house construction at Golden Glow Village. For the developments of this house, two weeks ago we were able to do the following:

-Installation of railings at stairs 90%
-Installation of railings at terrace 90%
-Installation of steel stairs for attic 20%
-Installation of facia frame 100%
-Installation of facia board 100%
-Installation of spandrel 40%
-Tapping at fire wall and plastering 100%
Tile works 25%
-Stone works 100%

And as for this week’s accomplishment, here are as follows: Installation of railings at stairs 100%, Installation of railings at terrace 10, Installation of PVC door jambs 100%, Installation of door jambs 100%, Installation of steel stairs at attic 50%, Installation of tiles at CR portion 100%, Skim coating 98%, Applying of power mix (water proofing) at fire wall 100% and Removing of scaffold/protection at fire wall 100%.

Next week, here are the scheduled activities: Continuation of steel stair installation, Installation of spandrel, Installation of roofing, Carpentry works, Tile works and Ceiling works.

In a short time, we will soon see this house come out of the picture. We just can’t wait to take snap shots of this house for us to post in our facebook pages and websites. Of course, the purpose of this is for all of you to see the result of our work. Updates soonish!

Update: Vista Verde Village Project 2

Anxious. Not anxious in a negative way but in a positive way. We’ve been working on this project at Vista Verde Village for almost 6 months now and we just can’t wait to see the result of our efforts. Exciting!

Updates regarding this house, as of last two weeks, the following were done:

Stone works 65%
-Installation of roofing 100%
-Installation of railing at stairs 90%
-Tapping at parapet 100%
-Tapping at stairs 100%
-Tapping at 2nd floor slab (preparation for wood plunks) 75%
-Ceiling works 97%
-Panganto 100%

And as for this week, these are the following accomplishments:

-Tapping at 2nd floor slab (preparation for wood plunks) 100%
Skim coating 98%
-Smoothing on stairs (preparation for step board) 100%
-Installation of railings at stairs 100%
-Farring works 100%
-Ceiling works 100%
Electrical works 60%
-Installation of door jambs 100%
-Stone works 95%

Next week, here are the lined-up activities: Carpentry works, Painting works, Electrical works and Tile works. Just a little work and this two-storey house is finished. HomeChoice Planners is excited to post photos and updates of this house. And of course, we are just so eager to turn over this house to the owner as soon as it’s done. Vista Verde Village, prepare to welcome this house soon!