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New Roster of Projects

xe-homechoice-projectKudos to HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation for their new roster of projects. Just as before the first quarter ends, new project at Xavier Estates held its Groundbreaking and Lot Dedication service last March 26. This certain project is a two-storey residential building that will be situated in a 222 square meter lot with a floor area around 200 square meters.

Another project that has conducted its Groundbreaking and Lot Dedication service was the Genova design at Tuscania Subdivision. The said service was held last April 10. Tuscania’s Genova is a two-storey house with a floor area of 80 square meters and this is HPCC’s first project for the second quarter.

tuscania-homechoice-projectThe Groundbreaking and Lot dedication service of both projects was officiated by Ptr. Elpie Taboclaon of CDO First Assembly of God church; along with him are the pastors and pastoral staff of the said church. With this, HPCC is extending its warmest gratitude to CDO FAOG for ministering the said services and also to the owners of the projects for choosing HPCC as the builder of their dream home. Cheers to new collaborations! Until then!

First Quarter Projects

pueblo-golf-estate-homechoiceHomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation welcomes two new breakthrough projects as it enters year 2015. For the first quarter of 2015, HPCC is set to work with these two new projects. Each project had already conducted its Groundbreaking and Lot Dedication service. The first one was the project at Pueblo Golf Estates that was held last 28th of January; and the second project was conducted last March 10 at Vista Verde Village.

It’s a privilege for HPCC to be chosen as the partner in fulfilling the clients’ desire in having their dream home. These new projects; two-storey residential building at Pueblo Golf Estates and one-storey residential building at Vista Verde Village are now already part of HPCC’s portfolio of projects. They are now included in the list of pueblo-vista-verde-village-homechoicequality built customized houses by HPCC. Just recently, the Pueblo Golf Estates project has started its full swing construction. And soon enough, the Vista Verde Village project will be next.

With the company’s mission of providing quality service, the clients definitely made the right choice in collaborating with HPCC to build their house. Assuredly, this partnership will be beyond from start to finish of the project. In behalf of HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation; extending our sincerest gratitude to the project owners for entrusting us to be the builders of their house. Updates and developments of these projects will be posted soon. Until then!

Xavier Estates Project 9: Groundbreaking and Lot Dedication

10806244_740150882706599_7905951364548496343_nIt’s a year ender project for HPCC. This upcoming two-storey residential building at Xavier Estates Subdivision is the last but definitely not the least. After months of planning and discussion of the project, it has already come to its final plan and now ready for construction. And as before the year comes to a close, the owner together with HPCC and CDO First Assembly of God church has conducted the project’s Groundbreaking and Lot Dedication Service last December 18.

In HPCC’s portfolio, this certain project is going to be the company’s 9th project in the said subdivision. It’s a customized modern design two-storey house; with 4 bedrooms, 3 toilet and baths, kitchen, a living and a dining room. It has also other house features that were according to the owner’s desire.

HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation is glad to have been chosen as the contractor of this project at Xavier Estates. In behalf of the company, thank you to the owners for choosing us as builders and partner in fulfilling their dream house.

Any developments of this project will soon be posted in our website and facebook page. Updates soon!

The new Vista Verde Village Project

vista-verde-village-groundbreakingIt’s the first month of the second quarter and HPCC is happy to introduce its newest project in Vista Verde Village. This project is another two-storey residential building of HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation. It is another modern designed house of HPCC; and it was designed by one of our in-house architects and now an inclusion to the company’s portfolio of customized design houses.

HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation is already a household name in Vista Verde Village. With the many houses that the company has built in the said subdivision, one can already see the HPCC trademark in each of the houses built in the subdivision. And now, another house is set to construct in Vista Verde Village. As part of the construction process, groundbreaking and lot dedication was held last 8th of April. The family, staffs and members of the FAOG church who have ministered the service were present in the ceremony.

vista-verde-village-homechoice-projectIt has been a tradition for HPCC to conduct a groundbreaking ceremony first as this is a way of thanking the Lord for the new project that He has given to the company. It is also a way of acknowledging the Lord’s presence and guidance in everything that we do. Everything in this world is owned by the Lord and it is but right that a blessing from Him is important before starting a project.

HPCC is excited to start this project and the family is eager as well to see the realization of their dream house. Thank you to the family for trusting the company’s service in making their dream house possible. Updates will be posted as soon as the construction of the house starts. Until then!

Groundbreaking and Lot Dedication: Project Sta. Cecilia

sta.-cecilia-grounbreakingAs a company that continually grows, HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation has yet another project that will work into. For the first time, HPCC was able to close a residential project at Sta. Cecilia Subdivision.

This project at Sta.Cecilia Subdivision which is located at Gusa is a two-storey residential building. With its modern design, this house would definitely be a looker in the said subdivision. Last 26th of March, groundbreaking and lot dedication service was conducted on the said site. It was ministered by Ptr. Elpie Taboclaon of First Assembly of God Church. The workers, staffs and family of the owner were present in the event.

HPCC’s venture with this new project would definitely make a mark in Sta. Cecilia sta.-cecilia-project-grounbreakingSubdivision. The company has now built a trademark in the said subdivision. And this two-storey project is now included in HPCC’s portfolio of customized design houses. For this project’s update, it’s now on full swing construction. Using the Plaswall Technology, the project’s progress is fast. And with the system used, good quality outcome is ensured.

Extending our sincerest gratitude to the owner of this two-storey project. Thank you for trusting HPCC to build your dream house. As for updates of the project, you can check out our facebook page. Until then!

HPCC collaborates with Tuscania CDO

Tuscania-homechoice-project-capriTuscania CDO is a renowned subdivision that is located in the heart of the city – Kauswagan,
Cagayan de Oro City.  It is an Italian-inspired village with houses that is uniquely designed in sync with the subdivision’s theme.

And now, HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation proudly announces its collaboration with Tuscania CDO. It was decided that one of Tuscania’s house models – Capri, a bungalow type of house will be built by HPCC. Of course, in building the Capri model house, we’ll be using the Plaswall Technology. This partnership with Tuscania CDO is another way for the company to further promote the usage of Plaswall Building System here in Cagayan de Oro City. Plaswall Building System is widely used in Luzon and Visayas already and HPCC aims to spread the use of it here in Mindanao. With the advantage that the technology’s giving among other materials used, the turn-over of the house is at its best quality compared to the others.

Just last May 20, 2013, a groundbreaking and lot dedication ceremony was conducted. It has been practiced by HPCC to hold such activity first before starting the actual layout of the project. It is essential to offer our every endeavor to the Lord Almighty; the earth is His and everything in it. So, we should honor Him in everything that we do because it has been given by the Lord.

HPCC intends the faster delivery of the project by using the Plaswall Building System; that’s why the company targeted to finish the project in less than a month. And in just 11 days of work, layout and structural works are done. For next week scheduled works, it is set to work on the semi finishing of the house such as skim coating and furring. Further updates of the project can be seen posted on our facebook page and company website. So, just check it out guys! We’ll keep you updated!

HPCC’s School Project

Noah's-Ark-School-Building-Project-GroundbreakingHere’s another first for HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation – a School Building Project! Yes! It’s a first for HPCC to venture in the construction of a school building. And this certain building is of Noah’s Ark Christian School that is located at Tablon, Cagayan de Oro City.

From construction of residential buildings to commercial building and now a school building project, HPCC has indeed widened its perspective to greater innovation. With HPCC’s ingenuity, it has helped the company to further its horizon and embark in new things. The company has come out from its comfort zone of building residential houses and has extend its services to constructing commercial and school buildings.

This school building project will be a remarkable one for HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation as of course it’ll be a first for the company. Also, Plaswall Technology will be used in building for faster delivery and high quality finish of the said project. This certain project is a modern designed two-storey building that is composed of four classrooms; and it is uniquely designed by one of our in-house architects.

Noah's-Ark-School-Building-ProjectLast 18th of May 2013, the Noah’s Ark Christian School conducted its groundbreaking and lot dedication service. The faculty and staffs of NACS were present in the ceremony that was ministered by the CDO First Assembly of God Church. In the ceremony, the NACS staffs couldn’t contain their excitement for this project and we at HPCC as well are eager to see the result of this project.

To NACS, we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for giving us the opportunity to venture in this project. We’re glad that you have entrusted us to realize your school’s dream, which is having a new school building. And, thank you Lord for this amazing grace that you have bestowed upon our company.

As to the updates of this project, we’ll keep you posted as soon as the construction starts. Until then!

Another Hillsborough Pointe Project

homechoice-lot-dedication-hillsboroughHillsborough Pointe welcomes another HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation’s project. Counting from last year’s project at Hillsborough Pointe, this certain house construction is HPCC’s fifth project in the said subdivision. It is also HPCC’s second project in the subdivision that will be using the Plaswall Technology.

This project is a two-storey house that will be built in a ridge type of lot. It will be an exciting project for the company because it is architecturally designed fitting for a ridge lot. The plans and design for this house was made according to the client’s concept. And this is going to be another remarkable project for the company.

homechoice-groundbreaking-hillsboroughLast May 10, 2013, Groundbreaking and Lot Dedication service was conducted for this project. It has been HPCC’s practice to organize and render such service. The said dedication was led by the CDO First Assembly of God Church that was attended by the concerned family and staffs of HPCC.

Soon this project will start its full swing construction and HPCC is eager to post details regarding the project’s development. Updates will be posted in our facebook page and websites. Thank you to the Sturgill family for choosing HPCC in building their dream home. Until on our next update!

The Rise of HCB Building

homechoice-buildingHPCC marches forth! It was not so long ago when HomeChoice Builders Corporation was established. It was founded in June 2006 and then became HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation in June 2009. In its seven short years of existence in the construction business, HPCC has already built a trademark in the said field.

For HPCC’s seven years of existence, its advocacy has not been merely about building houses. As the company continually grows, its advocacy also began spreading to wider scopes and thus made the company more successful. As such, conducting bible study services every Monday has made a great impact to the success of the company. Putting God first and acknowledging Him in all the things that He has done has committed HPCC to be a blessing unto others.

In the seven years service of the company, it has built almost 150 houses to date. With the number of houses built, there were almost 150 families also that HPCC was able to help in realizing their dreams. And of course, HomeChoice Planners wouldn’t be able to build all these houses without its staffs and construction workers. HPCC exists in this business not just to build houses but also to help other people. And because the company is a blessing to other people, HPCC has been blessed more with God’s graces.

hcb-buildingOne of the great blessings that HPCC has received is the soon to construct HCB Building. This very first commercial building project of HPCC is a proof that the company has grown in the construction field. And just last April 2, 2013, HPCC conducted a groundbreaking and lot dedication ceremony for the said building at Golden Glow North Commercial Arcade.

This new project is a four storey commercial building; where in it will cater to commercial and office spaces for rent. There’s also a floor that will be intended for room rentals also. As soon as the building will be finished, HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation will be transferring its office to the new building. This is an exciting project because the Plaswall Building System will be used; and this will be the first commercial building here in Cagayan de Oro City that will be using the said technology. Updates of this project will be posted soon. Until then!

Golden Glow Village Project: Soon to Construct!

golden-glow-village-groundbreakingSeptember 2012 – the last time that HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation was able to complete a project at Golden Glow Village. And now, it’s time to say hello to Golden Glow Village as HPCC is back.

This soon to be constructed house at Golden Glow Village is one of the new projects of HPCC for this year 2013. It’s a two-storey modern designed residential house; making it one of HPCC’s conceptualized complex houses. This project is a 120 square meter house that will be built in a 112 square meter lot area. With its 120 square meter floor area, it is really a big and spacious house because of the maximized floor area.

But of course, as what our company always do before constructing a house; we conduct first a groundbreaking and lot dedication service. And last March 23, 2013, the mentioned ceremony was held. Together with the Lagmay and Lupo family, we dedicated their lot to the Lord Almighty. It is but right that everything we do, we offer it to Him as He is the owner and provider of everything. In building of this house, it is just right that we seek and ask for God’s blessing for the success of the project. With His blessing, we are assured that He will guide and protect all the people that surrounds in this project.

Construction of this project will start soon and both the family and HPCC are excited for this. Updates can be checked on our website and facebook pages. We’ll keep you posted!