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Opol Project Newly Done House Unit Blessing

“To see is to believe; and to believe of what you observed.”

After the sonorous evening, that the city of Cagayan de Oro had experienced, our Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation firm is still on duty and job of making our client’s on the spot of priority. Thus, as one of our projects all around the city, the one we have in Opol had been turned-over and held its house blessing just last Tuesday, December 20, 2011. It is on that said area where we built and conducted the blessings with full praising and honoring God for making this house unit to be done accordingly with full ease, ways and possibility.

From all of us in Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation, we are happy to have this one done despite everything happened, even with those waves that our workers and the management had encountered upon having this unit is being built. But to sum it up, the entire project is successfully done and made beautifully with its total beau of its design and the positive aura with its blended paint colors to each room, piled stone works on its outside view, well-furnished interior with its completed house amenities and the fence which surrounds its area.

We finished the blessing at 6 in the afternoon on the same day. We headed to Lighthouse in Gaisano Mall to have the fellowship. While in there, we partook with the prepared blessings on the tables, and for us, as well to enjoy the company we have with the owner and her entire family members. It really is believable on their naked eyes, that with that seemed-barren lot they have, is now having their own dream house, which is really could boost on the area with its boosting views and angles. The barren lot is now having a good life shoeing through the bungalow house we built. To see is to believe with the ever-observed hard work, perseverance and dedication by all of our workers in the firm, just to make this project be done bountifully.

From all of us in the Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation and RPM realty, we would like to thanks to the owner of this house for giving us the opportunity to help them attain their dream house to come true. It is one of a kind project and honor for us. Thank you and may each of you will have the Merry Christmas that you’re longing for with full of thanksgiving, praises, good health and sharing!

Mr. & Mrs. Sheila Consolacion House’s Blessing!

“Blessing will come to those who deserves and those persevere!”

It is vividly viewed to all of us here on earth that in everything we do, there’s always a must thing to do and to fulfill, out of the blessings and boons, which God gave us. It is always an opportunity for us to share even a part of the things that we received.

Just like the Consolacion‘s family, they already received the blessings of making heir dream house to come true and be built in the right time and on the right time of their need. Thus, in our part in Homechoice Planners, we already made it as perfect as we could. For four months of building this unit, we come to an end of this project and even made it elegantly presentable!

Just last October 15, 2011, Mr. & Mrs. Sheila Consolacion had their house blessing on its newly built-bungalow right there, in Golden Glow Village! There were their kinship for both sides and of course, we from Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation staffs and people. We are still on the process of making its fence and it will be done as soon as possible.

In behalf of Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation’s management, we would like to thanks the Consolacion’s family for making your dream to come true with our help. Thank you for making us as part of your plan and for giving us time to share our part to do our duties, obligations and until it made successfully done with the ease and full understanding and humbled hearts you have!

Thank you and see you with our next journey in life and realty projects to be!

Mr. & Mrs. Gamit’s Interior Works: The Blessing Day!

“There’s compare to a house, which is blessed by the name of God and live with its bountiful mercies!”

It is really great! We are honored to say that at last, the Gamit’s family is now in its newly turned-over and finished interior works we did. Unhidden feelings there would be from us, because, in a way, we helped the family have their house desire, even with that not that big house they acquired from Bloomingdale subdivision. But, what make us so excited and that gay with this? It is the result or the outcome of our architect’s mind, our construction workers hard work and very kin to details, just to make the detailed plan be followed as it is, and of course, the help by God to have it successfully done with due time and effort by every one in the office and the people in Gamit’s family.

Today, October 8, 2011, they are having their house blessing at Iponan, where this unit they have is in. This will be the first day for the family to live in their ever prepared house after their exchange of vows. This will be also their first memoir for their starting family and with their soon to be born baby.

It is very pleasing to ears that we will be part of their lives story and their continual support for each other and for making their family bond tightly. From all of us in the office, we would like to sigh: “Welcome and Congratulations to both of you, Mr. & Mrs. Gamit for your newly done house!

Mr. & Mrs. Abada’s Newly Done House & Lot Blessing!

“Homes are built on the foundation of wisdom and understanding. Where there is knowledge, the rooms are furnished with valuable, beautiful things.”

6 months ago, as we remember, the Abada’s family came to our office and asked our assistance to conceptualize their dream house to be and which we know from the start, that it will come true! And how we made that dream to its realization? It is through solidarity in the office and workers, well-trained individuals who are in the business, the conceptualized plan, and the sketch of real prayers to make the house to its big picture of actualization.

For the series of 6 months of construction, all of the house amenities of this building are now completed. Its has now the finishing of its interior with the paintings and the desired concept of each room and baths, terraces, kitchen, living, dinning and receiving areas for both first and second floors, attic area and the landscaping outside along with the garage and the laundry area.

And along with these house developments, the family members as well, celebrate their triumph through their two birthday celebration of the pillar of the family and their one of their son, which is celebrated simultaneously with the house blessing ceremony last Saturday, September 24, 2011. That’s what made the house blessing ceremony more valuable. It was attended by the Abada’s family and their relatives, with the Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation staff and employees, of course, the RPM Realty marketing arms. We

As what they put on their banner,” Home sweet home!” and it is really true that it feels like for them. While we were there, we did feel their home sweet home aura with the interior finishing and the added things they place in art in every corner of the house. Looking on the total made up of the house, we could boast the quality and the good maximization we did for the Abada’s family. We are happy, that at last, we made it until to the last minute of this house to be completely and perfectly done according to the plan.

In behalf of the entire group of Homechoice Planners and RPM Realty, we would like to congratulate the Mr. & Mrs. Abada for their NEWLY BUILT HOUSE! Thank you for the laid trust for us to make your dream house to come true!

Mr. & Mrs. Pollard Golf Estate House Construction Project

As we are entering the last month for the second quarter of this year, and as the month of love as well, we are proud to say that great triumphs are really that huge and are now granted to each of us in the business and in our individual living.

For 6 months of constructing this project in Golf Estate area, we are now having this big news of turning-over this unit to the owner. It has been six months of waiting and embellishing this building to be done and to be on its full and complete view according to the ideas and preference of Mr. & Mrs. Pollard.

Its development is now completed and has each room color coding, accented receiving area’s colors, and the spacious living areas and the relaxing aura of the entire house, which would give positive connection of everyone who would be living in this house soon.

As part of its history, Mr. Pollard held its house blessing ceremony just last week, August 08, 2011. Along with this event were the entire office force, the church members and staff and, of course, the Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation’s general manager with the family. There were also those people close to Mr. & Mrs. Pollard’s side and relatives.

The said event was done successfully with the help and the countenance of God. Thus, as always as it is, the project has come to its completion and total quality foundation and physique.  This is another victory that the business would like to thank to all of those people who contributed to this project to be done.

We would like also to thank Mr. & Mrs. Pollard to let us partake and be part of their dream to come true. It has been our pleasure and honor to be the instrument of making your family live happily here in the Philippines soon, through the quality and the right house you need to have for your kin!

Mrs. Felisa Aparente House Blessing

Just last Monday, we turned- over this project the owner. The time has come and long time dream come true for Mrs. Aparente! Just yesterday, June 16, 2011, 5 PM- 8 P.M,all of us in Homechoice Planners’ Team went together to her newly built and ready to move-in house in Golden Glow North subdivision. We were in one to celebrate the house blessing of Mrs. Aparente. It is our pleasure and great honor to do so. With all of the inspiring words uttered by ma’am Felisa, she showed that she is very much thankful and that fully satisfied with the service we rendered to her family. She was that very hospitable of accommodating us all to her house with full of sincerity, humility and whole-heartedly.

It is our honor also to boast that, we can’t make your dream to come true without the guidance and protection of God to all of us in the team and to those Homechoice Planners’ & Construction Corp.’ workers. It is an add-on proof that we don’t just construct and deliver a house, but a home as well to all of our clients. Thus, as what Mrs. Aparente’s acceptance to us, and reaction with the done work we have for them, she is that proud and thankful that for 32 years of renting and living of the house which she doesn’t own, at last, now, which she can called as HER DREAM HOUSE!

As I’ve interviewed Mrs. Felisa, I have heard a lot of inspiring points in her life, which also told me that she really deserves to be in a very well-made and in good architectural taste house. Her eyes spoke to us with full of humility- a very down to earth woman, a very determine and dedicated mother and grand mother in this newly built and harmonious HOME.

As she stressed, “for how many years… 32 years, I prayed to have my own house. There were times that I applied for housing or a property, but I was never happened to pursue it. And now, I feel like- this is seem not true that I have my own house now. And to this very good and right area for us.”

You deserve to have it and be happy with all of the perseverance and challenges you encountered ma’am Felisa! We know that because of your humble heart, God provided you all of your needs and dreams!

She added,” If not because of your intelligent mind and you intelligent people (she was talking to all of us in Homechoice Planners team), my dream to have my own house will not be come true.” She told us this, with almost teary eyes, that spoke a lot of truth of what she feels deep in-side.

From all of us in Homechoice Planners Team and construction workers, we would like to congratulate you ma’am for making your dream come true! From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank you for sharing with us your life story, your ideas, and most of all, your dream house which becomes one of our inspiration to continue to disseminate or mission, which is to be blessed and to be a blessing to everyone like you!

Cotanda’s House Construction Update and its Blessing

Recently, we turned over the two-storey house newly done project in Golden Glow Village, and now, we also have another two-storey house construction project. The Mr. & Mrs. Cotanda’ house and lot package construction. It is now done and turned over already, with its full amenities and semi-furnished condition.

We are happy that we greatly satisfy their house dream and that; we meet all of their house requirements. Just last March 08, 2011, the family held its house’ blessing with the entire family members and their relatives. It was attended with the Homechoice Planner’s office staffs and friends as well.

All of us in the office are thankful for the laid trust, loyalty and faith to all of our workers and of our capability to make their dream house possibly done. Thank you and may the best times and bountiful blessings may come into your family and in the house you have.

Redosendo Newly Done House Construction Blessing!

As we promised, we will update you all for the blessing of Mr. & Mrs. Redosendo house construction. With all of the hard work, team work, prayers and the said- UNITY in the office and the people who made this project possibly done; this house construction project is now done and ready for the family to live in.

Just last Saturday, February 19, 2011, we shared with the Redosendo family for the blessing of their newly done house in Golden Glow Village. All of us in Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation, with the construction workers and mason, who made this project done well according to its plan, were there and in one in sharing the boons as a toil for the perseverance, dedication and the success of the Redosendo family to have this new house.

The celebration was attended by people who are near to the family’s house and those people who are in one thought of the successful dream house by the family.

From us in Homechoice Planners, Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Redosendo! Enjoy your newly built house and more success to you and your family.

Mr. & Mrs. Virginia Bruderer Newly Built House Thanksgiving

Just this afternoon, December 08, 2010, at exactly 4:30, the Assembly of God people, with Pastor Elfie, and Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation people, drove to Bruderer’s newly built house in Golf Estate area for the thanksgiving and house dedication.

As customary, the thanksgiving started with song praises and then series of prayers for the Bruderer’s family as well as the goodness of the house, which it could offer to every family members soon. Also the prayers were dedicated to Mr. Peter Bruderer who was not in the thanksgiving, due of health problem. The whole church members and we, in the office, are praying for the fast recovery of Mr. Peter Bruderer.

The fellowship followed, which we shared and enjoyed. We thank you for the warmth welcome by the Bruderer family of God’s presence and guidance in their newly built house and for their very hospitable, humble and cheerful temperament.

For the entire family of Bruderer, we are very grateful and honor to make this huge and ideal house which is on its grand and comfortable appeal. Thank you for the laid trust and for believing on us, that we really can make your dream house to be possible with all of our best and faith.

We still believe that, we accomplish things and any house construction, because of our  professionalism, good rapport to each of our office staffs, masons, laborers, architects and  above all, because of the firm faith we have of building houses in accordance with the guidance of the Almighty one!

The Mr. & Mrs. Yacapin’s Newly Built House Construction Blessing Ceremony

Another achievement of Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation has once come! One awaited time by the Yacapin family for their house project is now on its ready to move in status. Just last Saturday, October 09, 2010, the office together with the Yacapin’s family had joined its newly built house blessing ceremony. The ceremony was started with a prayer leaded by the Catholic priest. Each of us had handled a candle as a gone to the entire house, as a sign of the light in every corner of the newly done house.

After the prayer, Mrs. Yacapin had thrown coins as a sign of bountiful days. Before I forgot, the Yacapin’s newly built house is in Hillsborough, Robinsons. It is a 2 storey house done project in our office in Homechoice Planners.  It has the inner design of color coding type of bed rooms. It is elegantly done and would really enthralled or entice other to have to of their own! Its lot size is not that big, but it is just enough to have a not just simply elegant house but a cock-a-hoop aura kind and architectural design house project.

Asking of the house construction period? It is on the scheduled time range of 5-6 months; as what is expected. It is very howling creation by the imagination of our clients and our architect; the hard work and dedication of all of our laborers and masons and the full and honest coordination and adherence by our office staffs and the broker himself. This is a customary already in our office to make sure that the service we rendered had satisfied our client’s needs and expectations. For this, we conduct interview to each of our clients for the services rendered by our people.Thus, we also created the testimonials section in this site for all of our followers to know or to read each of our clients’ testimonials. And for this newly done house construction owners’ testimonials regarding our service, please check it out!