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Time of Refreshing

40400209_1777251402329870_6910886293782134784_oWhen we’re all stressed out and burnt out from work, what good remedy any of us could have but to take a time off from work. Working in a construction company is not easy especially the ones who are doing the hard labor under the scorching heat of the sun for eight hours; well actually in any company or whatever your job is, we all get tired and stressed out. And it is just right that every employee should take a breather from their exhausting work days.

Last August 25, HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation, SEAzed the day by bringing their staffs and workers out to the beach; and together they had fun games, sumptuous meal and enjoyed their fellowship. Aside from the games and bonding moments, they get to hear first the word of God. 40032879_1777248352330175_6480327221201338368_oIn everything we do, we should put God first thus hearing and sharing about Jesus is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. And praise God for after hearing the word, five workers of the company has responded to the calling and decided to receive Jesus Christ in their lives and submitted to be baptized in water. The heavens are rejoicing for these people’s lives, they have decided to follow Jesus and it’s no turning back.

The one day breather from the stressful work might be bitin but it was more than enough time for a refreshing; be refreshed from all the work stressors or life in general. As the activity concluded, everyone felt refreshed physically, emotionally and above all spiritually.

Win the Race: HPCC Pinoy Sports Fest

SportsFest_HPCC2018Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation has walked down to memory lane as they have conducted a throwback of the 90s renowned Pinoy games. It was a nostalgic moment as the company reminisce all the games that the people used to play way back their childhood days. Piko, limbo rock, luksong lubid, luksong baka, luksong tinik, sipa bola are just some of the pinoy games that the HPCC workers have played.

Last 5th of May, HPCC together with the other companies under RPM Conglomerates – RPM Realty, Carniella Build N’ Shop, Ehynsohfee and Construction Supply gathered together at La Buena Vida covered court to have some fun bonding and friendly competition. Each team has shown their competitiveness in every game.

Homechoice-Sports-Fest-2018It may be a sports fest and competition is present but at the end of the day everyone got to bond with each other and rapport was established. Congratulations to the team who bagged the first place. It was a good sport indeed. Looking forward to the next sports fest; well, everybody is hoping for another Pinoy sports fest. Until then!

HPCC invades Kampo Juan

28337857_1556479777740368_1182076867770352495_oIt has been a year or two since HPCC last conducted a team building activity among the staffs. There were outside company activities last year but it was mostly together with the construction workers. This year, as a head start for the year 2018, HPCC goes to Kampo Juan, Dicklum, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon to conduct an Admin Enhancement activity.

The Admin Enhancement was an overnight activity packed with challenging and fun activities. February 23, 2018, counted as our day 1, we were encouraged by the word of God preached by Pastor Elpie Taboclaon and Pastora Arnanie Taboclaon from the CDO First Assembly of God church. After the fellowship and dinner, we proceeded to our next activity which was the dream board presentation. Then the final activity of the night was the spider web challenge; because it was a challenging task, it was one of the highlights of the overnight admin 28336784_1556482377740108_5245987120358930391_o enhancement. We have capped off the night accomplishing the spider web challenge within four hours. Congratulations team for the job well done!

On the next day, the activities were more interactive; we had the chance to get to know more about each members of the team. Before departing from Kampo Juan, we were given the opportunity to tour around the place and experience the antique and ancient feels inside Kampo Juan’s heritage house. And just a brief history of the heritage house, it was originally from Pangasinan and then brought to Bukidnon piece by piece and assembled back to its original structure and look. Isn’t it amazing?

28336527_1556485044406508_5341435405697671681_oIndeed, the activity has enhanced the admin in different aspects. It has taught the staffs the essence of teamwork, which is trust. And that in teamwork, for it to work effectively, just remember the 5 Cs – Consecrate, Concentrate, Communicate, Cultivate and Celebrate.

Over all, the admin enhancement experience is a great activity to start the year and Kampo Juan is a perfect place to retreat, reflect and recharge. Until then!

The sweet escape to Mapawa Nature Park

13001289_971809739540711_16479921718014900_nWorking eight hours for six days a week can be stressful and tiring; especially with those workers doing heavy labor under the heat of the sun. And when we’re tired and stress from work, all we want to do is have a day off from work just to let our body rest and do some recreation. In what way can we relieve the stress? A sweet escape from work.

As for rest and recreation, HPCC together with its sister companies RPM Realty, Carniella General Merchandise and R3 Marketing held its joint team building activity at Mapawa Nature Park last 16th of April. The staffs and workers of the aforementioned companies took a one day off from work and spent their rest and recreation at the said nature park. The team building activity was facilitated by the Mapawa Nature Park team. There were five challenges prepared each with different objectives and goals. Even with different objectives and goals, in the end, the challenges taught the participants one thing – teamwork. There may have been some clash of characters and a little misunderstanding in the duration of the activities but it all ended well. The participants have indeed brought home good learning from the activity.

13006652_971812039540481_9070960465201017679_nThe rest and recreation didn’t just end with the activities that were given by the facilitators of Mapawa Nature Park team. As a reward for the teams’ effort in accomplishing the challenges; the participants were given the opportunity to try out Mapawa’s amenities such as ziplining and 20ft water jump. It’s really good to see that even for just one day of sweet escape, the workers and staffs had enjoyed their time off from work. In a way, even if the team building was all challenging, it has helped them to somewhat alleviate their stress and let them thought of things other than work.

The team building was indeed a great sweet escape. Thanks to Mapawa Nature Park for the warm accommodation. Kudos to the teams! HPCC, RPM Realty, Carniella General Merchandise and R3 Marketing. Until then!

It’s more fun in Mapawa Nature Park

mapawa-adventure-park-hpccIt’s a whole new adventure for Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation as they took the time off from work and spent their holiday at Mapawa Nature Park last 25th of February. They say that you only live once and so you shouldn’t miss every opportunity that comes your way. And with this, the HPCC staffs and RPM Realty agents didn’t miss the opportunity to conquer the extreme course of river trekking and canyoneering. Along the river trek course, there were four different challenges to face; the 25ft water slide, rappelling, 20ft water jump and 65ft canyoneering. It wasn’t an easy course for the staffs and agents as some of them have fear of heights and some doesn’t know how to swim. The course that took them longer to accomplish was the 20ft water jump. It was indeed a very tough one because it has to do with the person’s decision to jump or not to jump. Others may have taken long to decide but in the end, everybody was able to take that leap of faith.

mapawa-adventure-park-hpccThe different challenges may have cause stress and anxiety due to the staffs and agents’ fears but they were able to conquer it all. They haven’t missed out the chance to face the test in conquering their fears. It has been a realization for everyone that in life, one cannot proceed to the next course if they won’t face the trials or problems that comes their way. There are only two choices, it’s either they face everything and rise or forget everything and run. And as for the HPCC staffs and RPM Realty agents, they chose to face the challenges and rise at the end of the activity.

The Mapawa Nature Park adventure was indeed a YOLO moment to treasure. Extreme adventures like sliding from a 25ft waterfalls, jumping from a 20ft cliff or 65ft canyoneering are things that shouldn’t be missed. It’s not every day that you get to do all these extreme adventure stuff. Thanks to Homechoice Planners and Construction Corporation for giving their staffs the opportunity to experience those extreme adventure. Extreme fun and extreme adventure at its best; it’s definitely more fun in Mapawa Nature Park. Congratulations conquerors and overcomers! Till the next adventure!

Synergized at Chali Beach Resort

team-building-2015Last 24th and 25th of July, HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation held its overnight Team Building Activity for the leaders and staff at Chali Beach Resort. The activity was handled and facilitated by one of the renowned training and consulting group in Cagayan de Oro; the MCIC Consulting led by Ms. Maria Christina Concepcion.

It was not the usual team building where it was concentrated in physical activities; yes, there were some physical activity but the activities prepared for the whole day of the 25th was more of measuring the emotional and intellectual quotients of the participants. The one and a half day team building was more about developing the participants’ personalities. From dream-board presentations to problem solving a given situation; creative cooperation was really at work within the leaders and staff.

Team Building is a process where people bring all their personal experience and expertise to the table. The team building activities taught its participants the value of teamwork and appreciate open-mindedness. Each participant found also an adventure in finding new solutions to old problems. Through this synergizing process, better relationship was established and personalities hpcc-team-building-2015were greatly developed. This team building activity is part of HPCC’s continuous improvement for leaders, staff and also for the company. It has indeed helped the participants in molding their character. And with this, more activities and seminars are in the workers hopes.

Cheers to the successful activity and warmest gratitude to MCIC for their help. Looking forward for another partnership with MCIC Consulting Group!

Team Building: HPCC 2015

team-building-2015It has been an annual activity for HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation to have a team building activity. For the past years, team building for the staffs and construction workers are conducted separately. This time around, for a change, the company decided to make a joint team building activity. HPCC’s office staff and its construction workers had their team building activity last 19th of February at Seaside Bible Camp, Barra, Opol.

For the past team building activities held, it was the office staff that will facilitate the construction workers with the challenges and tasks. But for this year, it was the staff of Seaside Bible Camp that facilitated the games and challenges. At the start of the program, the participants were introduced to their camp manager who then hpcc-team-building-2015gave them some words of wisdom and encouragement that is according to God’s word. Everyone was enlightened about lessons of unity, camaraderie and team building. Lessons about leadership were also shared to the participants. And the preaching of the camp manager who’s also a pastor made the participants feel encouraged to do something better for their self.

The team building challenges then started after the preaching of the word. The participants were divided into four groups. Different kinds of challenges were given; each challenges tested the team’s ability in various aspects. Whatever the challenges that each team has encountered, the moral lesson of each task was about team cooperation, camaraderie and unity.

homechoice-team-building-2015Lunch fellowship was then followed after the games. Then the participants also had the time to enjoy the venue’s amenities. Some went for a dip in the beach, some took a selfie and groupie shots and others ate snacks and had some rest. Though the activity was full of games and challenges, it somewhat served as a rest and recreation time for HPCC’s staff and workers. It was a day off from work and everyone enjoyed it. Congratulations to all participants!

The 2014 HPCC Games

homechoice-sportsfest-2014Sports fest is an annual activity of HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation. Every year, teams per department join in the competition of basketball, volleyball and other recreational activities. And it is usually a one day or two day sports fest activity. This time around, the management decided to have it a month long activity wherein the games will be held every Saturday of the month.

Last March 22 was the opening of the month long HPPC sports fest. Before proceeding to the game proper, the workers and staffs had a sweat it all out zumba dance exercise. The zumba dance was definitely a good warm up exercise as it has given the workers more energy at the start of the competition. Secondary games such as the obstacle race and the tree challenge were also included in the activity. The said games were first playe by the workers; then the main competition started.

homechoice-sportsfest-basketballAfter how many Saturdays of competition, the teams that are included and will compete in the finals are as follows:

Basketball Competition
· Skimplas Team
· Structural 2 Team
· Bodrivers Team
· Finishing Team

Volleyball Competition
· Structural 2 Team
· Structural 1 Team
· Skimplas Team
· Paintor Team

homechoice-sportsfest-volleyballThe above-mentioned teams will compete with each other in the championship game that is yet to be scheduled. Even with the teams’ busy schedule, they still manage to practice for the upcoming finals. In line with the championship game is the culminating activity also wherein the winners will be recognized and awarded.

Until the said championship game will be conducted, everyone will just have to sit and relax for now. Exciting as it is already to see and name the champions but then we’ll have to wait until the schedule is set. To the teams that will play in the finals, good luck and God bless you all! Until the next update!

The Way of a Disciple: The Amazing Race Edition of HPCC

culminating-activityThe competition continues as HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation conducted its culminating activity cum sports fest day two. This time around, the game is all about the race to the top. It’s a survival of the fittest game as this would be the last game to determine who will be the overall champion of HPCC’s Sports fest year 2013.

Last April 13, 2014, HPCC held its very first edition of the Amazing Race at Marvilla Beach Resort with the theme of “The Way of a Disciple”. Each team was required to do specific tasks in every pit stop. There were 7 pit stops prepared and in order for them to be able to go to the next pit stop, they need to accomplish a certain challenge written in the task cards.

The race was not an ordinary race because in every challenge that they have there’s a lesson to learn behind it. The challenges were all biblical related that it encompasses the true form and way of discipleship. It contains the teachings of Jesus Christ to His disciples. The tasks prepared tested the teams’ faith with each other; their cooperation, physical strength and ability to think in a limited time. At the end of the race, one group was able to surpass all the challenges and got to the top – the Painter 1 and 2 team.

2013-sport-festAfter the race, scores were tallied including the scores of the day one sports fest. And here are the results:

  • Champion: Painter 2/Furring Team
  • 1st Place: Structural/Steelman Team
  • 2nd Place: Plaswall Team
  • 3rd Place: Bodega/Driver Team tied with the Painter 1 Team

Once again, the workers were able to have a time off from work. They were able to have fun and relax on the beach; they also had a time to bond with their fellow workers and did some recreational stuff. It was indeed a fun filled day. Congratulations to all the winners! They do deserve the win. We are looking forward for another exciting and exhilarating sports fest activity next year. Cheers to us!

HCP Foremen’s Dahilayan Escapade

Looking back, HomeChoice Planners has indeed grown into a bigger company. In line with the company’s growth are the numerous houses that were built and still building. Construction workers have also increased in number; thanks to them because they are the one’s responsible for each successful project. And behind these workers are their mentors and leaders; foremen as what they are called in the construction field. The foremen’s good leadership is what makes the construction workers’ performance well.

Being a foreman is not an easy job; they are the engineer’s right hand. They stay on construction sites, checking the progress of the projects and monitoring the workers under them. Work, work, work. This is what they think and do in order for them to have a better future. They work hard just to provide everything for their family. In working their butts off, they forget to give their self some me time; time to chill and relax.

As part of the company’s thanksgiving; thanksgiving for all the boons and success that the Lord has given to us, HomeChoice Planners also gave the foremen and leadmen a time to have fun. Last November 24, 2012, they had a time off from work and went to Dahilayan Adventure Park. They were given the opportunity to relax and enjoy all the amenities in the park. Some of the foremen conquered the Asia’s Longest Dual Zipline and others drove the ATV rides along bumpy roads.

It was a one day spent for their self; me time as what they say. The foremen and leadmen surely enjoyed their one day escapade at Dahilayan; it was indeed a rollicking adventure. Kudos to them!