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Workers’ Team Building Activity

May the odds be ever in your favor! The first thing that popped into my mind when I heard of the team building activity that our workers will be having. It’s a line from the famous movie, The Hunger Games. In the movie, it showed us how to cooperate with your partner or teammates to be able to win in the competition; survival of the fittest as what they say.

We, at HomeChoice Planners did our very own version of The Hunger Games; well, minus the killing part. Ha ha! Last September 29, 2012 at Bethany Beach House, the HomeChoice Planners’ Team Building Activity took place. homechoice-team-buildingIt was an activity intended for our construction workers to measure their patience and cooperation when it comes in working with their own team. Before we proceeded to the said activity, Water Baptism was conducted first. It’s a pleasure to see that four of our construction workers have decided to follow and receive Jesus Christ in their lives. What a fulfillment! We thank God for this grace as He has touched yet another person’s heart; four person’s heart as I may say.

After the water baptism, the program proper then followed. The construction workers were grouped according to their specialized skills such as the Filing team, Structural team and Molding team, to name a few. team-buildingAnd those formed teams were the ones who competed with each other. We have prepared four challenges for the workers. Each challenge has different goals and lessons to learn. The challenges with its respective winners are as follows: Pipe Line game – Structural 2 Team; Water Boys challenge – Plastering Team; Catwalk – Plastering Team and lastly the Builder’s Challenge – Plastering Team. The Plastering Team was the one crowned as over-all champion since they were able to win in 3 out of 4 challenges. Kudos to their team!

workers-team-building-2012It was such a remarkable event for the workers as they had a great time working with their respective teams. The workers enjoyed and learned a lot from the challenges given to them. Lessons learned from each challenges are of great use to them as they can apply it in their work. And so to the workers, thank you for your participation; it is much appreciated. Congratulations to the winning teams! Though the odds went with the favor of the Plastering Team; we would still like to congratulate and acknowledge the other teams for being a good sport. And to that, Cheers to all of us!