Interior Furnishing for Mrs. Alberastine

Though house construction is our core service to offer, we also have this other offers that number of our clients to enjoy with. We have this house renovations and interior furnishing as well. Yes, we have these offers too! With this, you can also submit to us your ideas first, of what you want your house look like would be, or its plan to be specific. Then we will be the one to improve it.

Just like this one we have in La Mirande, Grand Europa, we have this newly proposed interior furnishing for Mrs. Alberastine’s newly bought two-storey house. This is another project we have for house interior. As we know, there are houses that needs to be furnished even it is in ready for occupancy condition. Mrs. Alberastine is one good proof for this. She just bought a house in La Mirande, with its very beautiful surrounding, though she needs her new house to be furnished in its interior.

What we did in Homechoice Planners, we first discussed vividly with her the concept, then made implement it to the area. As its update as of June 14, 2011; it has the tiled floor, soon to be done built-in cabinets for the kitchen, bed rooms, and on every toilet & bath tile and accents with its fixtures, as well as the wood tiles for every bed rooms.

This will be a soon to be done project we have, since this is only interior furnishing. We are thankful to render service like this, to practice and widen our exemplary and more than satisfactory performance ever since.  This is will be a start, neither to be the second, third nor to be the last!

You can avail this one too! Just contact us, and for sure we will be on time to serve you with our best.