Lucilo Gamit House Interior Works Project: IPONAN, CDO

“Newly wed; new family for a new house to stay!”

Being in the world of marriage is quite a big game for everybody. Thus, upon having like this status, the family must also be innovated with the things they need for the starting family to be. This is what Mr. Lucilo Gamit, our client, thought upon being into marriage.

He had extended to us his house concern for his family. He got a house and lot in Bloomingdale, Iponan. The one he avail is the Aspen unit of the said subdivision. As what we all know, the unit is only having a bare condition, which needs to be improved with its interior and exterior phases. And as part of our duties in Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation, we used to improvise any house we encounter and make it possibly be made elegant, magnificent and on its total make over.

As our detailed report for this another interior works we have in Iponan, we have the following photos for you to view. We made its ceiling, floor tiling, kitchen cabinets and room cabinets, kitchen slabs, paintings, room embellishing, fixtures and the pin lights or lightings as well.

Just like the other projects we have, we make sure the quality and the client’s desire for their house would be granted according to the given budget they have. Just like this one in Iponan, Mr. Gamit, just utilize the sources and funds they have to start their family. And we are proud to serve and say that with all of our duly worth, we did it best! This project is already turned-over as prompted to us, due of the family’s need to be in the house already, though there is still a bit of things to be done with the closet and the cabinets’ coverings. To some up this project, it is a small, yet enough and practically made beautiful house for the newly started family of Mr. Lucilo Gamit and his wife and soon to be born baby!

In behalf from Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation staffs and construction workers, thank you for the chance for us to make your house to be that great with its complete house amenities now!