Update: Kisanlu Project

This project at Kisanlu can now be included in the list of our achievements. This house is almost complete, we’re just working on some finishing touches then it’s ready to be turned-over to the owner. For updates on this project, last week, we’re able to work on the following things:

-Installation of railings at gate and at the back portion 100%
-Painting works 75%
-Electrical works 75%
-Applying of water proofing (power mix) at fire wall 100%

As for this week’s activities, the following were done:

-Electrical works 100%
-Painting works 100%
-Clearing 90%

Next week’s activity would be the exciting part as it is scheduled for the turn-over of the house. HomeChoice Planners & Construction is thankful to the owner of the house as they had trusted our services in building their desired house. This is another project that needs to be proud of because of the good outcome. All the hard work’s been paid off. Thanks to the Lord Almighty who guided us in making this project a successful one. Updates on this project will soon be posted, photos included as well.