Breakthrough Project at Westwoods Village

imageIt’s a first for HPCC as the company ventures in a new project at Westwoods Village. The said subdivision is one of Pueblo de Oro’s recent developments and HPCC is privileged to be having a project built in the said place. This certain project is a breakthrough project for HPCC as this will be it’s very first construction at Westwood Village; thanks to the family for giving HPCC the opportunity to build their dream house.

This breakthrough project at Westwoods Village will be a modern designed two – storey residential building; designed according to the client’s desire. The house is designed with spacious living room, dining room, balcony and four bedrooms; the master’s bedroom having its own walk-in closet and bathroom. Following the subdivision’s standard and restrictions, the house may have adapted most of the subdivision’s houses look but it has its own unique touch.

imageTo celebrate the partnership of HPCC and client in constructing the house, a groundbreaking and lot dedication service was conducted last 2nd of July at the project’s site. The service was led by CDO First Assembly of God church; and it was attended by the family and relatives of the client and some staff of HPCC.

Both parties are anticipating the start of this project’s full swing construction and eager also to see its completion. This will soon be included in HPCC’s roster of projects and it’ll be first in the company’s portfolio of Westwoods Village projects. Surely this project will not be the first and last but just the first of the many projects that will come. Updates and developments will be posted at the start of its construction. Until then!