Mr. & Mrs. Gamit’s Interior Works: The Blessing Day!

“There’s compare to a house, which is blessed by the name of God and live with its bountiful mercies!”

It is really great! We are honored to say that at last, the Gamit’s family is now in its newly turned-over and finished interior works we did. Unhidden feelings there would be from us, because, in a way, we helped the family have their house desire, even with that not that big house they acquired from Bloomingdale subdivision. But, what make us so excited and that gay with this? It is the result or the outcome of our architect’s mind, our construction workers hard work and very kin to details, just to make the detailed plan be followed as it is, and of course, the help by God to have it successfully done with due time and effort by every one in the office and the people in Gamit’s family.

Today, October 8, 2011, they are having their house blessing at Iponan, where this unit they have is in. This will be the first day for the family to live in their ever prepared house after their exchange of vows. This will be also their first memoir for their starting family and with their soon to be born baby.

It is very pleasing to ears that we will be part of their lives story and their continual support for each other and for making their family bond tightly. From all of us in the office, we would like to sigh: “Welcome and Congratulations to both of you, Mr. & Mrs. Gamit for your newly done house!